Fat hernia under eyes: than help cosmetology

That can make a person less attractive, than ? It's hard to say, It is precisely this defect gives the person tired, iznemožënnyj, senile views. may be the result of excess fluid in the tissues of this area, and in this case it is enough to simply deal with them. But today, read about another, more complex reason education bags-fat hernias under eyes. Why this problem occurs, and what beauty non-surgical methods help to cope with it-find out now.

Removal of fat hernias without surgery under his eyes

The formation of fat hernias under the eyes is a common problem, which patients seek help for cosmetologists. Such a defect cannot go unnoticed, in fact, the severity of such bags under the eyes is not dependent on the time of day, they do not disappear with time and significantly worsen the appearance of a person.

Arise can both the lower, and upper eyelids, However, a defect it is under my eyes are turning more often. Maximum efficiently remove helps plastic surgery, but modern cosmetology can also offer several non-surgical effective methods to solve this problem.


  • reasons for the formation of fat hernias under eyes;
  • injectable fat hernias treatments under the eyes;
  • hardware techniques for removal of fat hernias under eyes.

Reasons for the formation of fat hernias under eyes

The appearance of under eye fat hernias are most often observed in age patients. After many years of active work of facial muscles around the eyes are in constant tension, resulting in lost its tone, raises the stretching and subsequent sagging skin, and formed cavity filled with fatty tissue. In addition to genetic predisposition, the main reasons for the formation of fat hernias under the eyes can be:

  • reducing the density of membrane structures 21;
  • hormonal imbalance;
  • the increased load on the eyes;
  • exposure to ultraviolet light;
  • individual characteristics of the skull.

Injectable fat hernias treatments under the eyes

Surgical techniques, certainly, are the most effective way to treat fat hernias under eyes, However, non-surgical cosmetic techniques also help to solve this problem. Primarily, It is an injectable methods, that effectively remove bags under eyes. Introduction using a needle special medicinal formulations with Mesotherapy, as well as a private patient plasma with plazmoliftinge stimulates the production of collagen and elastin in the DermIS, normalizes tissue nutrition and, thus, helps remove bags. Even more effective and popular method today is to introduce filler based on hyaluronic acid.

Individual characteristics of the skull

Alternative bezoperacionnymi the fat hernias treatments under the eyes are hardware techniques, such as RF-lifting and thermage. They are based on the effects of high-frequency radiomagnitnogo radiation on the deeper layers of skin and subcutaneous adipose tissue, bringing in the impacts of temperature increases and, thus, stimulated by the elaboration of collagen fibers.

Hardware and injectable cosmetic fat hernias removal methods under the eyes are quite effective and less traumatic, but have only temporary effect.

To solve the problem of fatty bags under your eyes once and for all will help plastic surgery.

Source – http://estet-portal.com/stati/kosmetologiya/zhirovye-gryzhi-pod-glazami-chem-pomozhet-kosmetologiya

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