Female hormonal hair loss: Androgenic alopecia

Various kinds of violations of hormonal background is one of the most widespread problems of women of different ages. The result of these pathological processes is a violation of the menstrual and reproductive functions, as well as the deterioration of the structures of the skin in the form of acne and hair loss. Androgenic alopecia is a female baldness, the resulting surplus of male sex hormones in a woman's body.

Features of diagnosis and treatment of androgenetic alopecia in women

Androgenic alopecia is a fairly common cause of hair loss among females.

Often these patients have other symptoms of giperandrogennogo syndrome: acne, oily Seborrhea, excessive hair growth on the face. While symptoms of virilization in androgenetic alopecia is observed very rarely. This condition can be the result of a breach of hormonal endocrine system diseases, or when hormonal failure due to, for example, the illiterate of hormonal contraceptives. The diagnostic process of androgenetic alopecia in women has some features, that it is important to clarify for the selection of an effective treatment of the disease.

Androgenic alopecia:

  • the cause of androgenetic alopecia in women;
  • methods of diagnosis of androgenetic alopecia in women;
  • effective treatment of androgenetic alopecia in women.

The cause of androgenetic alopecia in women

Androgenic alopecia is about 95 % all cases of baldness in men and women. If male androgenic alopecia hair loss is most commonly manifested itself starting at the front, from their growth and to top, women the disease is characterized by progressive poredeniem and thinning of hair all over the head. Call this condition may the following reasons:

  • increased content in female body male sex hormone dihydrotestosterone;
  • increased sensitivity of hair follicles a woman to digidrotestosteronu;
  • increased activity of 5-alpha-reductase enzyme-, which converts the testosterone to dihydrotestosterone.

Methods of diagnosis of androgenetic alopecia in women

Diagnosis of androgenetic alopecia in women is established on the basis of the following criteria:

  • women have seen other signs of androgenetic alopecia: thinning and hair loss, which progresses, the signs of acne and HIRSUTISM;
  • According to the results of microscopic examination is determined by the presence of miniaturized follicles;
  • When calculating the amount of hair, that are in different phases of growth, determined by the imbalance between the hair follicles, that are in the resting stage and follicles, located in growth stage;
  • microscopic study also shows, that miniaturization follicles and diffuse thinning of hair are not observed on the lower part of the neck.

Effective treatment of androgenetic alopecia in women

Treatment of androgenetic alopecia in women involves specific and nonspecific treatments. Primarily, It is necessary to eliminate the etiological factor of disease. To this end,, based on the study of women's hormonal profile, she collected the necessary schema antiandrogenna hormone therapy. Normalization of hormonal background reduces hair loss, but it does not restore the previous their density. That's why women are assigned to hair growth stimulants.

Conservative treatment of androgenetic alopecia is a long process, the first results of which appear only after a few months from the beginning of therapy.

The ineffectiveness of conservative methods of treatment and progression of disease hair loss problem can be solved by surgery.

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