The whole truth about LAENNEK

Apparently there is nothing we no longer deal with the fall, how do we study the composition. placental drug, which is prepared from human placenta and used in cosmetology. Who promised to tell all results – here. About the effects of the drug do not know anything, I'm interested in only part of.
To, to understand how to work the drug need to know of what it consists.

In the case of products from the placenta is not a trivial matter, since the tissue itself contains a lot of things, and depending on the method of preparation of the placenta can be cooked a lot of things.
We conducted an infrared analysis, and it was typical of drug absorption spectrum. Compared this spectrum with the database spectra of several thousands of biological nature Substances. The spectra of clear, that the product contains a molecule of protein nature and amino acids. The remaining substances in low concentrations.
Next, we will hold a PAGE electrophoresis, To understand how large peptides are part of the. In spite of the fact, that the concentration of amino acid in the preparation of products is sufficiently high, the size of protein molecules was less 20 amino acids.
Then we had a thin layer chromatography, to understand, that even in what proportions have composed. it became evident, that most of the substances – is an amino acid, polypeptides substantially less.
The result is quite expected. The manufacturer describes the procedure for the preparation of the drug: placenta boiled in acid medium 30 minutes at 120 degrees. With this method, a composition as we have identified and had to get: amino acids and very short residues of proteins.
What can it tell us about the potential effects of the drug? Amino Acids – it is good and useful) Short peptides - are good stimulators of non-specific immunity. For their preparation, not necessarily cook the placenta of women meditating, with the same success and the same composition can be prepared having welded less exotic substances such as beef. Peptides of up to 20 amino acids do not have any specificity, molecules of this size are obtained by cleavage of any protein, regardless of their origin. Expect a normal concentration of protein in a solution of growth factors, even the smallest (type EGF, IL6) not worth it. production conditions cleave all of placental proteins, protein growth factors including. Since the foundation of the drug – amino acids, lower part of the composition falls on the polypeptides, that the bulk of the structural proteins are residues placenta (collagen, etc.). Growth factors in the placenta far enough in relation to collagen, and their share in the product will always approach to homeopathic. Large growth factors, such as FGF, EGFR, VEGF, IL2,3,4 there at all, like enzymes. Although certainly full of organic matter such as vitamins and other useful.
The drug is typical for mesotherapy - a method of alternative medicine, working on 50% due to needlestick, on 50% due to a nutrient. By regenerative cell technology has nothing to do.


Source – alexander.koliada

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