All about cosmetic procedure retinoevom peeling

Among the variety of cosmetic procedures specialists distinguish procedure with a short recovery period. These include some types of peeling, including retine peeling, often called yellow peeling. Today we will tell you in detail about this procedure.

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Artificial analogues of vitamin a, that regulate the processes of intercellular interaction, differentiation and proliferation. Getting directly into the cell retinoids, form connections with nuclear sensors, how they affect cells.

Indications for

Among the main advantages of the retinoevogo you can select the peeling, that he causes the minimum of damage to the skin, having a short time reabelitacii and virtually without side effects. There are a number of indications for its use.

Among them are specialists distinguish:

  • violation of skin moisture;
  • insufficient collagen;
  • mimic wrinkles;
  • intense pigmentation of the skin;
  • age-related skin changes;
  • Acne;
  • hyperkeratosis.

In addition, this peeling cleanses the skin from various contaminants, provides a healthy glow, improves the structure of the skin and its relief.


Carrying out retinoevogo Peel has some contraindications associated with hypersensitivity of the skin. Remember, What is the procedure if there are contraindications črevatopobočnymi actions, that can bring serious harm. So please consult our list of contraindications and consult on this matter with a specialist.

In addition to the sensitivity of the skin has the following contraindications for peeling:

  1. Viral infection. In conjunction with Retinoid and acids, used in peeling, can cause herpes.
  2. Papillomas. The spread of the virus may occur.
  3. Intake of certain medications. Drugs may have incompatibilities with ingredients peeling.
  4. Liver disease and hepatitis.
  5. Pregnancy, breast-feeding and pregnancy planning for the coming year. Vitamin a bad influence on the health of the foetus.

Preparation for the procedure and its implementation

Before procedure, the doctor diagnoses the patient's skin condition and the possible existence of contraindications to the procedure. Also with the patient hold conversation, pointing out possible side effects, that may occur after the procedure.

Then begins the direct training to retinoevomu peeling. The duration of training depends on the skin type. So in patients with normal skin it takes two weeks, and in patients with skin sensitive to effects of retinoids-about a month. Preparations for the preparatory period is also better to use only on the advice of a specialist.

Course of conduct retinoevogo peeling involves four procedures. So between the first two procedures should be two weeks break, and between the last-month. Repeat course can be no sooner than two months.


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