Harmful cosmetics: top 15 toxic substances under the CAP cream

Any medicinal or cosmetic drug is a chain of different chemical compounds. Sometimes, some of its links are toxic. This can cause negative effects in some people. If after applying a cosmetic drug allergic reaction, You should pay attention to the composition. An allergic reaction can occur not only in the precipitation on the skin, but also in export and покраснении of the epidermis. What components can cause this effect?

Harmful cosmetic ingredients:

  • Butane and propane

These ingredients are contained in sprays and deodorants, can cause allergic reaction airways.

  • Gavruk

For a long time this component is considered useful and capable of strengthening the tooth enamel. For this reason, it is added to toothpaste for children and adults. But, Not so long ago American scientists have found, that the addition of fluoride in cosmetic and hygienic products may adversely affect the health. The reason is, that fluoride is a natural component should comprise in the body in small doses. If you wish to replenish his stock, better to add fluoride in the diet.

  • propylene glycol

This element is a petroleum derivative. It is found in moisturizing ointments. This component is also commonly found in baby oils, shampoos and lotions, shaving.

  • Talc

This component is considered to be very toxic. It is most commonly used in powder. Nonetheless, There are many brands, that do not include it into its pudryyu.Chtoby avoid possible adverse skin reactions to cosmetics, Pick up the powder with a mark «Talcfree».

  • Formalin (formaldehyde)

toxic element, carcinogen, which is found in nail polishes, bleaches and shampoos.

  • methylparaben

Paraben is contained in all creams, in various chemical compounds. It is not hazardous to health. But recent studies have shown, methylparaben that is capable of reacting with ultraviolet sunlight. This can lead to a rapid erosion of the skin and to photodermatitis.

  • lauryl (laureth) sodium sulfate

This component is included with various kosmeticheskihpreparatov. It can cause eye and skin irritation, if the exposure time exceeds one o'clock. Therefore, shampoos, include this ingredient, can not harm, while, as ointments and lotions can leave side effect.

· hydroquinone

Included in the sunscreens, bleaches, konsylerov, means for washing and clarifiers for hair. Its impact is, the body produces less melanin. As a result, the body becomes more susceptible to UV. However, this assumption is not the rule.

· aluminum acetate

Used in creams as a binder component. With long-term use may cause peeling of the skin.

· bithionol

Supplied with the creams as microbicide. This component should be avoided by people with sensitive skin. In the aftermath of its impact increases the skin's sensitivity to ultraviolet rays. Bithionol can become a driving force photodermatitis.

· Fenoksiэtanol(PhenoxetolandPhenonip,Dowanol EPH, PhenylCellosolve, Phenoxethol,Arosol)

For most people, it is a serious allergic reaction.

· Digidroksiatseton(Glitseron, 1,3-digidroksipropanon-2)

makeup, comprising the component, not recommended for asthmatics, pregnant women and nursing mothers. This component causes allergic reactions.

· Flyuorokarbon(Fluorocarbons)

Found in nail hair. It can be harmful to health, because it is toxic in nature.

· triclosan

Chemical bactericidal component, added to detergents, detergents and cosmetics. Often found in soaps. Nonetheless, its efficiency is not too high. scientists have proved, that the frequent use of this component bakteriivyrabatyvayutimmunitet.

· Glycerin (vaseline)

This element is a component of many creams for adults and children. It is a compound water with fat. Per se, this component is nourishing to skin. But some cosmetologists say, that petroleum jelly can dry a dry skin type, pulling fluid from the deeper layers epide6rmisa. Nonetheless, Many people with sensitive skin apply vaseline cream in cold weather, as a defense against dehydration and damage to skin.

Be careful to drugs, bought for themselves or their children!

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