Age-related skin properties, you need to keep in mind when choosing care

Facial skin care

Skin care methods and ways of correction of age-related changes should be chosen taking into account such important factors as the dominant type of aging, related external and internal causes, affect the State of the skin, skin type, as well as the properties of the skin depending on the age of the patient. When should I take into account hormonal changes in the body of the patient, processes age involution, to slow down the aging process of the skin.

Properties of the skin in patients of young age

13-25 years. As a rule, his first visit to the beautician girls commit in adolescence. The need for such a visit is usually explained by the properties of the skin in puberty. At this time ends its final formation under the influence of various hormones. These hormones cause the intensive work of the Sebaceous and sweat glands, leaving skin greasy and suffer from clogged pores, often are cause of acne. Moreover, hormones affect changes in the ratio of different types of ceramides and formation of epidermal barrier, controlling skin hydration. Teen skin is very elastic and capable of rapid recovery.

25-30 years. At this age the skin properties of patients still teenage elasticity and the ability to fast regeneration, but the problems of the age of acne and greasy is no longer as relevant.

Кожа у 25-летних девушек еще обладает гладкостью и упругостью, but at this age begin to form the first wrinkles-forehead, in the corners of the eyes and lips.

30-40 years. This age is characterized by the emergence of primary age-related skin changes. Increasing the thickness of the stratum corneum, gradually decreases the activity of fibroblasts and other cells of the DermIS, that leads to the structure of elastic and Collagen fibers, reduce them to a one per cent annually. Decreasing the content of hyaluronic acid in the skin, that leads to a decrease in skin turgor, the manifestation of sagging m dry, the formation of wrinkles.

Skin properties, которые нужно учитывать при выборе процедур для пациентки старше 30 years, These are the:

  • the skin becomes thinner, land;
  • appear pigmentation;
  • go deep facial creases;
  • deteriorating microcirculation, affecting the complexion;
  • deformed face through gradual omission of the soft tissues of the middle third of the face.

After 35 years in women begins a gradual reduction of the production of the hormone estrogen in the body, Hence the weakness of the skin, its dryness and reduced regenerative capabilities.

Skin properties, characteristic for older patients

By definition the World Health Organization, patients come into middle age period after 44 years. It is quite possible, the criteria are based on the average age of light, among other factors,, properties of the skin, that after 40 years begin to vary greatly.

40-50 years. At this age, there are distinct involutive processes in the skin: decreases the thickness of the epidermal and dermal layers, gradually atrophied subcutaneous fat tissue. Microcirculatory lead to teleangièktaziâm, Couperose. The most characteristic symptoms of age-related changes, due to the properties of the skin:

  • peeling, pigmentation;
  • formation of brylej, Double Chin, wrinkles on neck;
  • «floating» oval face, deleted features;
  • circles under eyes, heavy eyelids, distinct "Crow's feet" around eyes;
  • a significant deepening of the nasolabial folds.

Skin deteriorates significantly regenerative abilities, for its full renovation will need at least one and a half months.

50-60 years. The key factor, affecting the condition of facial skin during this period, becomes age hormonal adjustment of the organism.

A significant drop in estrogen formulation after 50 years, , due to menopause, aggravate dry skin and its insufficient blood supply.

The lack of hydration and depletion of subcutaneous adipose tissue, ухудшением работы меланоцитов меняется цвет и толщина кожных покровов, appears senile pigmentation, progressing lipoatrofiâ.

60-70 years. After the 60-anniversary of many women say, that the process of rapid skin aging slows down, and her condition stabilizes. The main characteristics of the skin at this age:

  • Skin pale, thin, dry;
  • on the cheeks and Chin grow vellus hair;
  • develop pigment spots and skin Neoplasms;
  • compounded by horizontal and interebrow wrinkles on the forehead;
  • facial features are sharpened.

In women older than 70 years, the leather has a yellowish tinge due to the fact, that through its thickened stratum corneum makes fat tissue. The skin loses elasticity significantly and is characterized by multiple deep wrinkles.

With regard to men, Thanks to the influence of hormones in their skin long retained the high density of collagen fibers, that makes them much longer its contemporaries to maintain a youthful appearance.

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