Age is not a sentence! Modern methods of rejuvenation

Every woman in the morning looking at herself in the mirror, After all, everyone wants to look your best before going outdoors. It Does Not Matter, that needs to be: work, meeting with friends, shopping or just a morning "selfi», is always important, as you look.

And of course, any woman does not want to grow old, and even more, to this notice the surrounding. In consultation with a doctor-cosmetologist many ask: How do I look? Of course, There are professional scale, which can be measured by age. The main criteria for the person's age: Wrinkles, dryness, color and pigmentation, elasticity, swelling, violation of the flatness of the facial oval, etc.

The first signs of aging become noticeable in the area around the eye is already in 20-25 years. This is due to the fact, that here the skin is very thin, a constant expression of active contributes to the formation of wrinkles. With age the process of aging develops from small folds and dryness to color deterioration and swelling, and to the 35-40 years can get a hernia 21 and drooping.

With 30 years have seen changes in the zone «butterflies». It is precisely this area catches a large portion of UV, that visibly ages. Enhanced facial expressions leads to the appearance of lip wrinkles "barcode", especially they are characteristic for smokers. For smiling ladies peculiar arched "wrinkles smiles», often running parallel to each other from the corners of the lips to cheeks.

After 40 the amount of collagen in the skin falls. This process leads to a decrease in elasticity, flabbiness and omission of adipose tissue. Folds are formed (nasolabial, nososleznaâ, "puppets", okologlazničnaâ). Broken facial flatness. The most critical is the age of menopause. For 1 year woman loses much of collagen and hyaluronic acid to the skin, that appears sharp demonstration of sign of withering on the face.

The aging process is inevitable for each. But not worth the perceived age as a sentence. After 30 the appearance of women depends on, as she is caring!

A sea of possibilities

Botulinum toxin! This group of drugs is the most common. Many people think, that Botox can make all, and it's a misconception. For example, No inflated pneumatic botulotoxin lips. This product is designed exclusively for the blockade of muscle activity. Simply it paralyzes the muscle, that leads to wrinkles, reduce muscular load with skin, change facial contour, lifting, etc.. Initially the drug was created for ophthalmology, and now very widely used in neuroscience and cosmetology.

To result from Botox was quality, a doctor should be well aware not only of the anatomy of the face, but a clear understanding of the Biomechanics of mimic movements individually every client. For a beautiful result a doctor has to solve very complex math problem. If you decided to bad, the low-quality work you will behold 4-6 months.

The many faces of hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid (GK) -"gialuronka" in common. Does not cause a reaction of the organism, the standard security. That is why it is widely used in cosmetology, the different purposes it can change their concentration. The drug can be liquid to mesotherapeutic drugs or thick for revitalization, or dense for filler.

For mezopreparatov: liquid and chemically not modified GC quickly collapses in the skin, somewhere around 1-3 days. So has a quick moisturizing effect and serves as a carrier for other components mezopreparata.

For revitalizatorov: thick and chemically not modified GC collapses in skin 10-14 days and has a dual action. On the one hand, She infuses the skin with moisture, on the other, It promotes the development of own CC.

For filler: thick chemically modified GC collapses in the skin within 6-24 months.

Second place-fillers

What is filler? This drug, that creates a volume. Enlarged lips is just about fillerah. To date, the vast majority of filler consists of hyaluronic acid and is a different density gels. Dense gel keeps the correction and long holds the result (14-24 Mo.). But these drugs are only suitable for deep introduction under the muscle, as well as in mimicry konturiruyutsya (stand out) and felt to the touch. Medium density gels are used to create lip volume and fill deep wrinkles (10-14 Mo.). Soft gels are used to fill the superficial wrinkles and lip contour (time correction 8-12 Mo.).

How to use filler have undergone dramatic changes. In 2000-2004 year they were used only to fill in wrinkles and increase lip. 2005-2008 to create volumes on the face. With 2008-2014 year — work in full face. With 2014 — injectable facial design, create predictable image.

The procedure uses the outer anesthesia using cream, you want to keep on your face for about half an hour. To reduce pain at the time of the introduction of many manufacturers add in the drug lidocaine. For most adults is tolerated. More than that, in Western Europe the local anesthesia resorts order 20-25% customers, and on the territory of Ukraine- 95%.

Duration depends on the complexity and volume of injected drug. As a rule, one syringe drug volume 1 ML is introduced during the 10-15 minute. Cost of work within 200-300 USD. The main complications are associated with bruises (bruises) obtained during the procedure.

Aesthetic quality of work depends on the professionalism of the doctor. Because the procedure must be performed not only from a medical point of view correctly, but also get the highest artistic results. This combination is very difficult to obtain in practice. Those, who chooses the cheaper ones, very often the holders of "duck lips" and "alien entity".

Promising revitalisers

This is the category of drugs now shows the maximal growth. It all began with biorevitalisation -procedure, based only on the ability of dense not modified hyaluronic acid (next CC). But its ability to fight aging with limited. So now her assistance used modern revitalisers. Particularly effective are drugs, containing peptides (natural or synthetic compounds, containing many useful amino acids). Their strength has already tested athletes. Now there is no one athlete, who would not use them as a food additive. Chicken broth for a quick refreshment is a common recommendation of doctors.

In cosmetics peptides have long uses creams, World, masks and other outdoor media. But with 2000 's technological limitations are no longer a barrier for creating peptides in injections. One of the leading manufacturers in this field is the concern Caregen, that produces peptides for pharmaceutical and cosmetic such giants, as L'Oreal, La Prairie, GlaxoSmithKline, Henkel. This manufacturer has created the most effective peptides, that allow now to deal with aging.

Modern revitalizants is complex preparations, that include CC, peptides, amino acids, vitamins, trace elements. In preparations (for example,Akvašajn) combine different kinds of peptides. So, one is blocking the destruction of GK, the second stimulates synthesis, the third activates cell division, Fourth proper maturation, that together gives a rejuvenating effect.

The main task of revitalizants return vitality to the skin. I guess, This is the right direction in aesthetic medicine for inhibition of aging processes. Exactly revitalizants allow us to avoid the manifestations of aging on our face and push the need for fillerah and plastic surgery, as well as extend the effects of filler and operations.

When to start therapy revitaliziruûŝuû? The answer is simple-at that age, which do you consider yourself to be the most beautiful and where you want to stay forever. Someone chooses 25, someone chooses 60, and someone who is aging naturally.

The fourth most popular are mezopreparaty

The oldest technique with 1958 year introduced by the French physician Michel Pistor in medical practice. Now this is a helper method in anti-aging. Preparations for Mesotherapy have enough short duration, order 3-5 days. To achieve the result you want 5-10 procedures, maintain monthly result procedure. Therefore, Mesotherapy is now used as an addition to revitalization. It allows you to get a more accurate target action, for example, skin Whitener or destroy fat accumulation. Mezopreparaty cheaper revitalizatorov, technology introduction easier, Therefore, the procedure itself is much cheaper.

The appearance became very popular both for work, and personal life. Therefore, the query on the healthy look in any conditions is the new trend. Let us say, dark circles under the eyes can be seen even in young people, and so they hide with make-up, You must apply a lightening the tone under the eyes, and to hide the lightening the tone under the eyes, It is necessary to put tone on all over her face. And so every day. So as not to deplete the skin of such procedures, fairly regularly piercing quality drugs, type Akvašajn and leave only the toner for the issuance. To stop the process of aging is sufficient 2-4 procedures per year, Depending on the age and condition of the skin

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