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Back to man, that begins to desperately to deal with a. Here he is somewhere read, that is now very fashionable to run. Downloaded an application for running and ran.

— Not for everyone running useful. It is necessary to assess their health status, consult with your doctor. If a person with problem joints and overweight (more 30 kilograms) Start run, He very quickly run into problems: zabolât knees, Loin, and he soon run stop. He will tell: "Your Devil's fitness is harmful, and from computer chips and I have knees do not hurt!"So people should consult with someone, before you begin to play sports, or carefully explore.


What is the best mode of training? There are determined people, who can live in the gym. Where a measure?

Is Considered, What if you're in good shape, You can visit the gym twice a week.

— The duration of training should be permanent or not?

-The main thing is not the, How long do you do at the gym, and as. In principle, the, training can fit in 45 minute. Even if a coach gives you some training sheet after the first visit, It's all very generalized and simplistic. The technique is formed in your head during the training. You need to understand, that your life will never be the same now. If you want to change the appearance of, You should be aware that the report, that works only two factors — increased physical activity combined with changing stereotypes nutrition. No diets don't work, diets generally contraindicated.




— For example,, There are hungry diet, When the amount of food consumed below basal metabolic rate. As a result of metabolism slows down, and you lose muscle mass. Muscle mass is actively pursuing fat loss, and therefore,, loosing weight on a diet, you are hudeeš′ due to muscles, and then gain more fat. A few such hungry cycles and disruption of man comes almost to disability. Food should be rational. Everything is very simple: you have what, what you eat. If you eat mayonnaise, then after a while the ratio of proteins, fats and carbs in your body will be as in mayonnaise.

You have what, what you eat. If you eat mayonnaise, then after a whilethe ratio of proteins, fats and carbs in your body will be as in mayonnaise


Food must be those, who will build the specified you body. Carbohydrates must be used in the morning, in the form of cereals, rice, but in the second half of the day you need to eat protein (boiled meat, fish, dairy products together with vegetables). Vegetables is cellulose, It's those carbohydrates, that we have in the body does not Digest. Cellulose as brush cleans our gut, without becoming a glucose, fructose.

— That is, life will never be the old. We are changing the power mode and go to the gym.

— It does not need to be a gym, You can create a set of exercises at home. It is important to understand, that loads must be power is power exercises simulators to increase muscle mass: the more we have muscles, so more intense metabolism and so it is easier for us to burn carbohydrates and fight with fat deposits. Plus aerobic workout-bicycle, cardio, cross-country skiing, swimming, running, brisk walking. This should be combined. Aerobic load generally most useful, because it trains primarily cardiovascular system. In endotelia, internal shell vessel, nitrogen oxide, that reduces the pressure, cholesterol, thins blood, suspends the aging process. People, who practice regular aerobic workouts, outwardly look younger.


— You can just ride your bike to work or it's not enough?

-You can ride your bike, paddle on a kayak is the main, that was a powerful systemic effect. You should regularly, least 300 minutes per week, give yourself a load, where increased pulse and breath (Americans say 150 − 300 minutes, but I'm all set up on 300). Somewhere hour daily, If you want to change the body, and half an hour a day, If you want to maintain your health. If every day on kardiotrenažërah, It quickly gets bored, But if we go more, do not use the lift, It will collect this hour. The Truth, If you want to change your body, the walk in the gym should be three times a week.

Is There such a submission, what you first need to lose weight, and then go to the gym.

-No, of course. Everything should be done at the same time. Just people think, that gym is something like catwalk, where all wear tight clothes and expensive sneakers. This is not always the case.

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