Spring skin transformation from Tornado MG

We offer you a unique massage technique – musculo-structural chiromassage persons, neck and décolleté.
Facial massage is used to relieve edema, solution to the problem of rosacea, modeling facial contours, his suspenders, improvement and alignment of complexion. In addition to the visible to the naked eye effects chiromassage affects deep processes in muscles and skin, inducing tissue regeneration at all levels of the DermIS.

Curative effects of chiromassage

  • Muscle relaxation (a powerful relaxing effect) and removing traces of seasonal fatigue on his face
  • Reducing wrinkles and smoothing of nasolabial folds
  • Improve the contours of the face and neck
  • Cleansing the skin from ottorgaûŝihsâ horny epidermal scales
  • Cleanse skin pores
  • Improving the work of the sweat and sebaceous glands
  • Activation of lymph and blood circulation of the skin
  • Increased blood supply to the skin and improve its supply
  • Erase muscle memory and aging prevention

Already after the first treatment your skin will be fresh and radiant.

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