VelaShape – combination of four techniques for figure correction

Is there a possibility of instant weight loss? So the question is given a huge amount of women, suffering from imperfections figures. Center TORNADO MG figure correction invites all, who want to quickly and efficiently model the contours of your body machine Velashape II. His appointment is a non-surgical removal of fat deposits, cellulite and skin defects, associated with the violation of Exchange processes.

The first visual changes will have to evaluate in the first days after the procedure! As a result, the integrated exposure changes occur next character:

  • begin to break down fat cells;
  • improves metabolic processes;
  • resolves orange peel and improve skin tone;
  • restores skin turgor, its firmness and elasticity;
  • general improvement of the skin, their condition improved, giving a healthy color and shine.

The main advantage of technology is a combination of several popular techniques in cosmetology:

  • infrared effects. The main task - to break down fat cells, and it means, adjust the size of the problem domain.
  • airwaves. It helps fight fat deposits, as a combined therapy increases the elasticity of the dermis and helps her lift, activates and enhances collagen metabolism in the problem area.
  • Massage by vacuum. It aims to improve skin elasticity, It promotes lymphatic drainage, improved circulation.
  • Energy electrical type. It helps to restore the electrolyte balance.

In just a few minutes of exposure apparatus VelaShape II can eliminate from 2 to 5 centimeters in volume of treatment area, surface of the skin noticeably leveled and smoothed, increases its elasticity and suppleness.

Efficacy VelaShape II proved by numerous clinical trials and confirmed positive patients reviews, who tried this technology for yourself. Today the procedure using apparatus VelaShape II is available to many. Only your doctor's advice.

Tornado MG specialists are always on guard of your health and beauty!

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