Tornadoes in the solarium modern lamp

Solarium is practically the only way to get a smooth and beautiful tan for those people, who can not afford a summer holiday. Moreover, regular attendance solarium eliminates the winter colds. The main element of the solarium is a source of ultraviolet radiation. Lamps for tanning, as the engine for the car.

As lamps, established in modern solariums Tornado, this combination of two types of, each of which plays a role. These are a combination of, as "UV-A"- izluchenie and «UV-B»- radiation. Each of these types of radiation not only facilitates uniform application of Sun, but also protects the skin during a session.

Lamps for tanning different capacity, the useful life, the presence or absence of a reflector.

In modern solariums installed lamps 2 typical characteristics, relative pressure UV. This is a high, and low pressure UV.

Speaking of lamps with low pressure UV, they may be compared with the conventional fluorescent lamps, ratio rays UV-A »and« UV-B »can be adjusted automatically. These lamps for tanning appliance different from the high pressure lamps, their capacity several orders, and hence discharge is produced at low pressure. In appearance, these lamps are glass bulb sizes.

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