Throughout the life of the joints are subjected to constant stress. Many people, which turns 40 years, suffering from painful or unpleasant sensations. Some cannot move freely because of inflammatory processes, that appear in these parts of the body. To effectively identify the cause of your pain, as well as methods of treatment can help ULTRASOUND EXAMINATION of joints.


According to statistics, every second after 50 meet the disease, which deliver incredible problems. Now there are many drugs and physiotherapeutic procedures, which restores joints and their functions. To schedule a treatment, the doctor in the first place is required to diagnose. ULTRASOUND of the hip joints, knee or ankle allows you to accurately identify the type of disease and the reason for its occurrence. This method differs in many advantages:

  • – Security-ideal even for newborns;
  • – availability-examination with the help of modern equipment is allocated profitable cost;
  • – efficiency-with its help the doctor gets all necessary information, to assign the correct and most efficient treatment.

Now for the ULTRASOUND of the hip infants and adults, as well as to diagnose other movable joints bones apply sophisticated digital cameras with high-frequency sensors.


Using Diagnostics study soft tissue, that you cannot see in the x-ray study. The physician assesses the State of tendons, Joint bags, the cartilage and muscles, effectively detects tumors, hematoma, breaks, various inflammation, other injuries and diseases.

Modern equipment allows to conduct ultrasound such joints:

  • – shoulder; – mandibular;
  • – knee and elbow;
  • – Hip;
  • – ankle and lucezapastnykh.

Especially often do an ULTRASOUND of the hip joints in newborns: common is considered such a diagnosis-dysplasia. The child developed movable bone connection wrong. Qualified treatment in the first months of life leads to full recovery!

Ultrasound diagnosis also allows you to assess the extent of damage to the muscles, monitor the dynamics of the disease, carefully monitor the recovery process. The main advantage of ULTRASOUND is, that method is absolutely safe. There are no contraindications to the procedure. Before ULTRASOUND ankle and another part of the body of an adult patient does not need to be conditioned! Prior to the examination of the child to his parents to better feed and calm, explain, that will not hurt. The procedure is performed in a short time.


Over the years, people may experience gradual destruction of cartilage, When apparent discomfort. Pain can also indicate osteoarthritis and arthritis, which occurs at any age.

ULTRASOUND of knee joint and other equipment connect the bones is recommended:

  • – When you see the pain;
  • – after injury;
  • – recovering from Lyme disease;
  • – If the patient is overweight;
  • – in various diseases (Arthritis, osteoarthritis);
  • – When inflammation and tumors;
  • – patients with endocrine diseases;
  • – If you experience discomfort in the joints during movement;
  • – with the emergence of feelings of morning stiffness is gradually developing many diseases.

Doctors also recommend enroll in ultrasound all, who turned 50 years.


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