Ear lobe repair

Striving for excellent, We want to always be beautiful and young. Often even the most minor drawback is able to spoil the overall impression and disturb the harmony of our appearance. Ears though are very modest part of our body, but at least deserve close attention. Therefore, to improve the aesthetic appearance, earlobe PLASTY-frequently used operation.

Earlobes provide the soft fatty tissue, covered with skin and biased towards the bottom of the ear. Located at the boundary of the face and scalp, they are able to attract glances, so, It has long been used to wear distinctive signs and decorations. That's just their attractive appearance, Alas, Unable to save is not always, so there are cases, When to supplement your ideal image had to resort to plastic surgery-sealing ear lobe.

Indications for surgery to staple his earlobe:

  • congenital anomalies (abnormalities);
  • age-related changes;
  • injury;
  • the effects of wearing jewelry (for example, "tunnels").

Ideally earflap should be small and elastic, However, with age, the amount of fatty tissue becomes less, the skin loses its elasticity and earlobes become the slackening, a slightly stretched form. Equally unsightly appearance may be the result of a focused stretch punctured Canal ring "tunnels" or heavy ornaments. There are cases, When the wrong movement or an accident leading to rupture the earlobes, depriving ear anatomical shape and aesthetic appearance. Or a person has a congenital defect structure of auricle. So, earlobe correction not as rare procedure.

Correction of the lobes of the ears in Kherson

In all these cases, the Tornado MG can offer you conduct simple sealing operations, undertaken in earlobe adjoining tissues. Implemented plastic ear lobes, as a rule, under local anesthesia and requires no special training. The use of laser surgery helps avoid infection, providing quick and painless healing, almost no trace of the operation and excellent aesthetic result.

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