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How to recognize allergy

The peak of allergy season in the Kherson region is in August-September. This is the period of the third wave of pollen, который для нашего региона самый неблагоприятный. There are three waves dusting plants. This process is referred to as hay fever. The first wave of pollen, in March-April, blossom trees. In the second wave, in May-July, It begins dusting grass and cereals. This wheat, rye, grass, ovsyanitsa, тимофеевка и Read more

Infectious mononucleosis - whether on sea after DISEASE?

Whether on the sea after infectious mononucleosis? This question is raised by many parents, because the disease often attacks children in summer. Infectious mononucleosis resembles the common cold or flu. Most often it occurs in children. For many parents, the diagnosis of "infectious mononucleosis" sounds like a bolt from the blue. Zvuchit zloveshte, true, if in time to see a doctor and have the prescribed treatment, Read more

What is hepatitis A, AND AS FROM HIM save

Viral hepatitis A is one of the world's most common infections and, primarily, It considered a childhood disease. In developed countries, it has another vulgar name - a disease of dirty hands, since this in principle, and is. Most people ill with hepatitis countries with warm climates and poor sanitation. These include Read more

Lipofilling in Tornado MG

Липофилинг (lipografting, lipomodelirovanie, lipotransfer), autologous fat transfer involves those areas of, where there is a deficit. Indications for the procedure lipograftinga: Violation of the circuit or atrophy of subcutaneous fat Wrinkles, folds, small or atrofirovannye lips, inverted scars, expressed lacrimal groove correction of skin deformations relief sinks cheeks, small Chin, unexpressed cheekbones, thin Shin, small buttocks Breast Augmentation

Why do children suffer in summer?

Many people mistakenly believe, that in the summer heat viral diseases the children suffer because of, that cold drinking water and are under conditioned. In fact, viral diseases caused by viruses, which are typical for the summer period.

Hollywood standard rejuvenation ! 15 years in the methodology!

Laser blepharoplasty – an innovative method of removing wrinkles, treatment of flabby and sagging skin around the eyes! Madonna Lift-an innovative solution from the Italian scientists, non-surgical alternative to traditional blepharoplasty: is done tightening eyelid skin, removed wrinkles and signs of aging around the eyes. Using the latest laser technology, Co2 fractional, the skin around your eyes is again the young, and look radiant.

Revolutionary methods of reinforcement of the face and body

Filament reinforcement of the skin or just thread Aptos - one of the modern methods of intensive facial rejuvenation. Nitevoy lift Aptos – This procedure is aesthetic correction, combining the advantages of cosmetology and plastic surgery, which allows you to get the desired effect, and long enough rejuvenation without a scalpel, and therefore, without a long period of rehabilitation and possible traumatic complications.

VelaShape – combination of four techniques for figure correction

Is there a possibility of instant weight loss? So the question is given a huge amount of women, suffering from imperfections figures. Center TORNADO MG figure correction invites all, who want to quickly and efficiently model the contours of your body machine VelaShape II. His appointment is a non-surgical removal of fat deposits, cellulite and skin defects, associated with the violation of Exchange processes.

CAUTION - Moles!

People with a perfectly smooth and even skin are rare. Almost everyone has some kind of skin tumors, such as warts, Moles, papilloma, Nevi, lipoma, keratomas etc.. Skin tumors are not only a cosmetic defect, they may present risks to human health.


We offer a proven treatment strategy, including not only the loss of body weight, but keep it going over the life. This individual approach, because every body is different and unique – we will help you get rid of cellulite, restore skin elasticity and, of course, get rid of excess body fat. All this is done under the supervision of specialists-nutritionist, gastroenterologist, cardiologist, endocrinologist, which excludes the possibility of application Read more

Figure correction by the spring

If you are tired of grueling workouts in the gym and counting calories, and the desired elastic skin and can not see, we recommend that you visit our SPA center and learn, how to get the desired results in just two weeks! We will help you get rid of cellulite, restore skin elasticity and, of course, get rid of excess body fat.

A new medical approach to the rejuvenation of the periorbital area

Aesthetic defects periorbital area - one of the most frequent problems, with whom we have to deal cosmetologists. To correct dark circles under the eyes, puffiness, wrinkle developed a lot of methods and a variety of drugs. One of them – RRS ® HA Eyes, which, noteworthy practitioners. The clinical research on this drug correction of age changes periorbital area Read more

How to restore the skin after rejuvenating procedures correctly and quickly

Feature rejuvenating treatments usually is, they are held to the skin with pronounced signs of decay. On the one hand, such procedures should be intense, to achieve the maximum effect. On the other hand, fading skin has a fairly low resource regeneration, and it means, increased risks for complications or do not achieve the desired result.

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