A unique anti-aging body wrap with Phytoestrogens in Tornado MG

Return of youth of your skin!

Professional anti-aging care X 50 BODY MATRIX specially formulated to restore hormonal balance of the skin and the integrated management of age-related changes, inevitably occur at a certain age.

The main indicators of the effectiveness of the procedure are apparent total rejuvenation, restore natural levels of hydration and skin tone, lightening pigmentation, reduction of heaviness in the legs, as well as getting rid of cellulite in problem areas.

The effect of the procedure will not take long.

Anti-age therapy regulating professional body care includes six main areas for body care:

  • removing all signs of skin aging, restoration of skin turgor, visible lift skin provisanij (knees, elbows, belly, etc.)
  • restoring hormonal balance of skin cells (phytoestrogen-hormone of vegetable origin)
    restoration of microcirculation and metabolism in the skin layers
  • Prevention of photoaging, reduction of the manifestations of age pigmentation, getting rid of unwanted pigmentation
  • removal of the syndrome of "heavy legs"
  • Silhouette modeling: removal of localised fat deposits, the formation of the slim waist and getting rid of cellulite.
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