Ultrasonic cleaning and fall whether seals?

A young girl is scared by ultrasound, as such. Fifteen minutes from the time the procedure was held in the framework of educational program, What is the ultrasonic wave, how it works and why beauticians use this, seemingly "horrendously dangerous», procedure in your practice.

Now for the greatest understanding reviewed forums and found, that especially number just exceeds the limit: rolls fillings, worsen thyroid disease, medicine escalates, fall hair, the skin gets used, fruit vibrates, the pain of hell, nails in the head. and this is not a complete list.

What we have actually? Apparatus for ultrasonic peeling (cleansing) persons are used in cosmetology and dermatology last 10-15 years. Ultrasonic wave with frequency 28-32 kHz, with the assistance of the cleansing lotion (the most commonly used either antibacterial lotions or classic antiseptics) "beats out" the contents of the sebaceous glands under a certain angle and pressure mechanical parts nozzle-headpieces.


Should there be hurt? Some discomfort may be present, but most often they are associated with mechanical impact blades, but not with the procedure.

Does the ultrasonic cleaning of "black spots"? If you return to the original understanding of the notion of comedones, which are these unfortunate black dots on our beautiful faces, then there are two hypotheses of their formation: the first is the oxidized hemoglobin, which gives color and the second pigment, which colors the sebum, produciruemoe sebaceous glands, abundantly located on our face. And the other option and lead us to two basic ways of problem solution: bleaching and extraction (delete). If we are able to mechanically, and I know at least 20 girls, which has dogged his face in blood, in an attempt to retrieve the two black dots with nose, then they vigorously assure, that was the last time, but who hasn't starred in this movie at least once? So here is the, neat, competent, delete you can design strongly this helps ultrasonic cleaning.

To whom and when? In most cases, this procedure may be routine and run 1 Once a month, more often than that, according to testimony and be preceded by the all phases deep cleansing, enzyme and bacterial peels (surface acid at the right time of the year), intense hydration and maximum opening of pores, to facilitate this process.


Steam out your or not? My personal answer is no. I live and work in St. Petersburg, in the North-West of the very few people who would not have vascular malformations or so-called rosacea, so I rather more angioprotectors, than for overstretched vessels (greatly expand the ferry, narrow cold). There are a large number of cosmetic ingredients, to achieve expansion of the mouth of the pores, without the participation of the mechanical factors.

Harmful or not? Here the same answer, that and with the Sun, too much is harmful, moderately useful. Measure. Here's what, What determines the success of an action. Company, who sells the most expensive apparatus for ultrasonic peeling held together with dentists study: does this frequency on osteoclasts, does ultrasound exposure to destruction of tooth tissue and, as a consequence of, loss of seals and other dental problems. To the credit of the company, conclusion was, that our products do not cause, and here are those, cheap, 100% your way to the dentist. No, guys had very myself a clinical study with a very representative sample and showed, that 10-15-minute exposure to ultrasound in range 28-32 kHz on the skin has no effect on osteoclasts (t. it is. cells, destroy bone tissue), thus stopping the horrific attacks of specialists, armed with a spoon Uno, This method of extraction of comedones, exfoliation and phonophoresis including. Perhaps, the main conclusion — in everything and always know when to stop.

Contraindications repeated from site to site, from brochure to brochure: dermatological diseases in the acute stage, neuralgia of the facial nerve, herpes and pregnancy. What to say, the exacerbation of the skin disease it is best to seek the help of a good dermatologist, with inflammation of the facial nerve-neurologist, intracellular infection, such as herpes-it is better to try to fix in conjunction with immunologist, While pregnancy is fortunately not a disease. And hope, beautician proves thus dispatcher, who will be able to distinguish one from the other, and this requires knowledge, strength and desire.

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