Acne (Acne, acne) - The problem, which in this or that period of his life are to 90% people. Acne Acne (or teenage acne is the most common acne, complicated by purulent acne, common among teens 15-18 years), Acne Stress, premenstrual acne, age spots… Whiteheads on face, Acne on the back and chest, subcutaneous acne and enlarged pores…

Doesn't bypass problem with blackheads and pimples even wealthy Hollywood stars. Fact, that one company had to pay for a simple shooting days in 30 000 USD. The Reason? The face of the protagonist scene, Tom Круза, shone with such a huge pimple, hide that failed even to experienced makeup and osvetitelâm. Suffers from the problem of acne and Charlie Angel», Cameron Diaz. It constantly have to monitor his mental balance and carry a bottle of healing thermal water, because stress causes very serious disasters on her face is a deep inner pimples… It is worth remembering and Cindy Crawford, which is recognized, that still is going through due to their strongly enlarged pores in each portrait photography. And a list of those, who knows, What is acne, wants to get rid of pimples, is endless.

If you do not fall in the top ten per cent of the lucky ones, never knew, What is the disease of acne: problem skin and acne on the face, advanced skin pores, painful pimples and scars after acne, then you will be interested to learn about innovative programs in treatment of acne, the Tornado Medical SPA.

What is acne

In brief, disease of acne is a violation of the tallow-capillary ducts.

How and why are there acne? Duct sealed tight "stopper" of sebum and skin scales. Such entities are called Acne Vulgaris.

Acne not only is the acne on your face: Acne on the cheeks, Chin, on the neck, the nose, the forehead, temples. When acne Body Acne on the back, chest and shoulders is also common. If the follicles are open, plugs look like black dots on the face, and are called open comedones. Comedones and closed, (does not communicate with the surface of the skin). These are called white acne comedones, or white dots. Sebum under the Cork continues, and bacteria, who live in the sebaceous glands, begin to actively proliferate. So intradermal acne inflamed, form small pimples on the face and body, deep subcutaneous pimples or pus pimples. Alive, These "volcanoes" leave on face postacne: craters enlarged pores, red spots after acne, and acne scars.

Causes of acne

What are the causes of occurrence of pimples, If Acne can ruin our lives at any moment?

Many causes of acne. Hormonal acne and acne, surely, the most common. Pustular Acne can be caused by a "malfunction" of internal organs. Provoke acne skin and stress, and external environmental factors. Contributes to the formation of follicles of patients acne cosmetics, selected on the advice of advertising.

Just some of the causes of pimples and blackheads amenable to correction. Therefore, in the 9 cases of 10 cure acne, get rid of acne once and for all is a myth. In some forms of Acne can be only in one way or another to effectively control their appearance. We select for our patients only effective ways to treat acne, to get rid of acne for a long time.

Methods, that apply to Acne treatment at home, often little, or are not the most efficient. But for the most part the self-treatment of acne is dangerous, the resulting shift in the more severe form of acne and complications.

Because the sooner the efficiently professional acne treatment and acne sores, the easier and faster the result: NET, smooth and healthy skin.

Acne treatment: How to treat acne

Effective treatment of acne on the face and body is a complex task, requires high professionalism of doctor-dermatologist, a wide range of techniques and constancy and patience on the part of the patient. Those, who spent a lot of time and money searching for miracle creams and generic procedure is already convinced, What to get rid of pimples so impossible.

The Tornado Mèdikal effective acne treatment Clinics: Acne, pimples and blackheads are comedos is carried out only on an individual scheme. In drawing up the Your individual program of treatment the doctor-dermatocosmetologist take into account your age and gender, duration of acne, form of acne, the severity of, nature of injury and body, concomitant diseases, psychological background, lab results.

As there is no second person like you, the nature of the disease and acne is unique. Therefore, the first step to a long-term beauty and health of your skin is a consultation with a doctor, dermatologist, who will pick up your individual course of treatment, using the opportunities of our clinic :

  • DOT- therapy. An innovative and highly effective remedy for Acne (Acne, Acne), as well as for the prevention and treatment of acne. Has a unique set of opportunities. Maximum security with minimum of contraindications and side effects. Effective tool to remove traces of pimples and blackheads, such as scars on the skin, etc.
  • Manual, ultrasonic cleaning of black dots. Facial acne saves your skin from the already formed comedones and reduces the risk of Pustular acne on the face and body.
  • In complex of facilities against acne is the professional dermatological cosmetics Obagi Medical Products: masks against acne, Lotions, cream against acne, cleaners.
  • Allopathy and homeopathy acne-treatment mezotherapy face and body based on the homeopathic and alloapatičeskih cocktails. Mesotherapy acne used to create durable medical supply and nutrients under the skin, enabling update and quick recovery.
  • All types of peelings: peels for Acne, peeling for oily skin, to reduce the black dots, to relieve inflammation, extensive time against the peelings, leveling and update the peels for treatment of post-acne scarring and skin irregularities-.
  • Ozone Therapy
  • Nutritionist, sostavlâûŝiego individual diet.
  • Related dermatological surveillance. Individual programs of combined treatment and care, doctors conducted by dermatologists, cosmetologists, with experience of years of practice, knowing the nature and features of the development of acne, the latest integrated circuits of getting rid of acne (Acne, Acne).

In a full set of laboratory analyses, consult an endocrinologist, gastroenterologist and gynecologist-endocrinologist. These professionals can make a significant contribution to addressing the root causes of acne (Acne, Acne), adjusting to such causes comedones or purulent acne, as a condition of the gastrointestinal tract, gynecological diseases… and improving forecast for full recovery.

Excellent shape, well groomed and clean face skin always and at any age are seen as a sign of health, and physical appearance today is more and more important.

We have the necessary capacity for identifying causes of acne and their correction, as well as carry out rehabilitation of the skin after acne.

Acne, Acne, comedones, black dots, Acne, pimples. Acne the Tornado Mèdikal SPA (Kherson)

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