Laser removal of hemorrhoids, advantages of laser treatment, surgery and rehabilitation

Hemorrhoids - varicose this cavernous bodies in the area of ​​the anal canal. This disease manifests itself very unpleasant symptoms - pain, release of blood, loss of cones out. Hemorrhoids can significantly reduce a person's quality of life, permanently deprive him of his disability, It causes physical and mental suffering (many consider improper to admit to others in the presence of such problems).

This disease is very common. According to various sources suffer from hemorrhoids 30 to 80% population aged 40 years. 50% of them are in need of surgical treatment.

However, this does not mean, all directed to the classical operation - hemorrhoidectomy. Considered, that only 20% patients in need of a full-fledged operation.

Too many pulled visit to the doctor, the disease progresses, and the operation becomes inevitable. Namely this event and many fear.

Minimally invasive techniques in the treatment of hemorrhoids

In the view of the majority of patients treated only haemorrhoids excision with a scalpel nodes with the inevitable bleeding, pain, some fear after surgery wc prolonged stay in hospital sheet.

However, recently more intensively introduced into medical practice of minimally invasive techniques, and that the operation can not be called: This manipulation using modern technology application of physical or chemical factors to eliminate the substrate disease.

They are attractive outpatient application, short duration, lack of postoperative rehabilitation period.

In the treatment of hemorrhoids following minimally invasive techniques are applied:

  • Ligation latex rings.
  • Sclerotherapy of hemorrhoids.
  • Cryodestruction.
  • infrared photocoagulation.
  • Laser coagulation.
  • Electrocoagulation.

Laser in proctology

Application of laser in medicine in general very broad. The opportunity to focus the thermal energy to a minimum the impact area, adjust the depth of this effect makes the laser is indispensable in many areas of medicine.


The basic principle of laser action: high temperature effect of the beam with extreme accuracy to the desired object results in:

  1. tissue destruction in the right place (cutting action),
  2. Asepticheskomu ozhogu,
  3. Similarly, a limited tissue necrosis followed by the formation on its place the connective tissue,
  4. scarring,
  5. vessel sealing,
  6. Destruction of nerve endings,
  7. Sterilization of the surgical field.

That is, the laser beam in medicine - a precision scalpel with styptic, analgesic and sterilizing effect or factor "evaporation" of the liquid from the cells, leading to their necrosis there, where it is necessary.

Operations using a laser in the treatment of hemorrhoids

The laser is used in the treatment of hemorrhoids:

  • In operations on the type of classical hemorrhoidectomy (open and closed), wherein scalpel is used instead of the laser beam.
  • submucosa hemorrhoidectomy.
  • Interstitial laser coagulation of hemorrhoids (precisely it relates to minimally invasive techniques).
  • Combined methods using laser (lazerolechenie combined with dezarterizatsiey nodes or with sklerozirovaniem).

Indications for laser coagulation of hemorrhoids

9890458690845906849899Laser coagulation can be applied at any stage of the outer, Internal and combined hemorrhoids. But is most effective when it is 1-3 stages of internal hemorrhoids with bleeding.

Thrombosis hemorrhoids laser coagulation may be carried out after the relief of acute symptoms.

When combined with the crack of hemorrhoids or rectal fistula with laser coagulation can be combined with the elimination of these pathologies.

In the presence of large assemblies nevpravlyaemyh laser treatment can also be used, but its effectiveness in this case will be lower.

With proper selection of laser coagulation efficiency approaching 95%.

The attractive hemorrhoid removal laser

  1. 9869485690849586989

    Laser action on the hemorrhoid

    Laser photocoagulation may be performed on an outpatient basis or in the "hospital one day". An hour after the surgery can go home.

  2. It does not require general anesthesia.
  3. The laser beam acts very clearly only on the scope of its impact, almost without affecting the surrounding tissue, so minimal operative trauma, no postoperative edema.
  4. Duration of manipulation is not more 20 minute.
  5. It can be carried out at any stage and at any site of hemorrhoids.
  6. The procedure is not accompanied by bleeding, since laser vessels coagulates.
  7. No sutures and scars.
  8. Can be carried out while, when other methods are contraindicated.
  9. It allows to treat multiple diseases (Hemorrhoids + crack, Hemorrhoids + polyp, + hemorrhoids fistula, etc.).
  10. Pain after an operation is very low or absent.
  11. Not required time for rehabilitation.
  12. Ability to work is not violated, with the exception of heavy physical labor.
  13. Limitations postoperatively low.

Preparation for surgery

Before the operation, you need to pass the minimum examination: blood tests, Urine, ECG, flyuorografiyu. Women are examined gynecologist.


Patient-doctor examines coloproctologist, held anoscopy and sigmoidoscopy.

can be assigned, if necessary, additional examinations (Colonoscopy, Ultrasound or CT of abdomen). However, these inspections shall be appointed not for everyone, Only in those cases, when the doctor suspects the other bowel pathology.

Contraindications to Step:

  • Acute infectious diseases.
  • Acute inflammation of the anal region (procedure is carried out after the symptoms subsided).
  • Acute thrombosis nodes (it is necessary to stop conservative methods).

A few days before the operation you should keep to a diet, which will provide an easy chair after surgery (dairy products, steamed or baked vegetables, cereals, sufficient liquid).

When removing internal nodes in the evening and the morning before the operation is done enema. When external sites do not need it.

course of the operation

The procedure is performed using local anesthesia (infiltration to node lidocaine or novocaine). Possible prior to injection to lubricate the anal area with lidocaine anesthetic cream (Emla cream).

According to the request of the patient can be used short-term intravenous anesthesia.

The patient is positioned in the gynecological chair or couch in jackknife position.

FIELD anus treated anesthetic.

When removing internal nodes are anoscopy. Anoscope - a device of the type rectal mirrors with illumination, inserted into the anus.

Spend infiltration anesthesia.

84098496849586948There are several methods of laser cautery units:

  1. Transmucosal removal. An electrode with a laser is supplied to a node outside. Moxibustion start with the proximal edge node, gradually moving every 2 mm to the edge. Node denatured and significantly reduced in size. The base is no longer fueled by blood.
  2. Subdermally, submucosal removal. The laser fiber is inserted through the puncture into the host, It burned inside node.

Vascular pedicle may be pre-tie or pinch clamp. When thermal exposure laser vaporization occurs and fluid lumen node obliterans (sealed).

Outdoor units are cut by laser at the bottom and are removed.

In one procedure can cauterize to 3 knots. In the vast majority of cases do not require repeat procedures.

If you want to re-exposure or remained nodes, which are not removed in one procedure, the next session is conducted through 10 – 12 days.

The whole session lasts laser cautery of hemorrhoids 15 – 20 minute. All, that the patient can feel - it is easy to burn.

Laser treatment of hemorrhoids in combination with foam sclerotherapy

It is an innovative method for the treatment of hemorrhoids. The essence of the method: under the influence of laser hemorrhoid shrinks, stops its blood supply, and then introduced into a special sclerosant for final assembly into its obliteration.

Such treatment is offered at large, drop-down units, typically the 3rd stage hemorrhoids.

After the treatment in the anal canal is placed tight wad. This is the only inconvenience to the patient. The procedure is also performed under local anesthesia, bloodless and can be conducted in an outpatient setting.

After laser photocoagulation surgery

After the procedure, the patient 30 – 40 minutes should lie down on the couch, then let him go home.

Special restrictions in the postoperative period no. A person can engage in normal activities, back to work. Recommended still refrain from lifting heavy objects for a week.


Care must be careful anal hygiene. Following each bowel movement cleaning the recommended cold water.

To accelerate reparative processes doctor may prescribe dressings with ointment or candle with sea buckthorn.

When painful feelings can be a few days to take painkillers.

Diet should contain a sufficient amount of fiber, fermented milk products. excluded are sharp, spicy dishes, for some time we need to give up alcohol.

A tendency to constipation, you can take the money, stool softener (lactulose, Mukofalk, vazelinovoe oil).

A week after the procedure, you must appear proctologist. If such symptoms appear, bleeding, pain, swelling, temperature increase, - a doctor should be treated immediately, possible complications.

Possible complications

Complications from laser coagulation are very rare and are caused most often in violation of technology and lack of surgeon experience:

  • Bleeding.
  • Burn the surrounding tissue with the formation of ulcers, erosions, Fistula.
  • Inadequate burning node tissues with recurrence.
  • Thrombosis and inflammation of the remaining erectile tissue.

5687958679589689The main disadvantages of laser treatment of hemorrhoids - is the risk of recurrence and high cost.

Relapses can be after all minimally invasive treatments, since they eliminate only the anatomical substrate of the disease (nodes), but do not eliminate the causes of. usually 3-4 , the patient forgets about hemorrhoids.

But in order, that the disease has not returned, you need to follow all the recommendations for the prevention of (prevent constipation, move more, to refuse from bad habits, grow thin).

Reviews of patients after laser treatment of hemorrhoids

Testimonials, underwent laser surgery to remove hemorrhoids, mostly positive. Basic moments, which can be useful to all doubters:

  1. Laser removal of hemorrhoids should not be afraid, it is not even an operation, and it is perceived as a physical therapy session.
  2. Pain during surgery is not felt, Maximum - slight burning.
  3. I can not believe, but through 30 -40 minutes after laser photocoagulation procedure, you can go home and do normal chores.
  4. A few days after the procedure can be confusing for small pains and discomfort, but it passes quickly.
  5. A little afraid of the first bowel movement after surgery, but in fact no pain is not there. It is only necessary to avoid constipation.
  6. The effect is felt almost immediately: It takes the pain and stop bleeding.
  7. Should be chosen with great clinic experience such operations.

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