Learn to identify and prevent skin cancer

Every 57 minutes one person dies from melanoma. Protect yourself-check the moles on your body for the presence of 5 danger signs of skin cancer!

Although, that skin is the largest organ of our body (survival without which simply cannot be!), We rarely care about her with the love, interest and respect, that she deserves.

Bruises, Burns, calluses-our skin daily carries all these sufferings. And than we answer it instead? Ignoring all signs and signals, that she is so intensely us sends!

Moles and freckles, for example, never seem something important, but they can talk about serious problems, as, for example, about melanoma is the most dangerous form of skin cancer.

According to the statistics, every 57 minutes in the world one person dies from melanoma. And if you have more than five Burns, the chances of developing melanoma increases for you twice.

Nonetheless, There are simple ways to discover the main signs and symptoms of skin cancer. All, What do I need to do is carefully examine the 5 the main features of malignant moles!



Normal, does not cause fear Mole should be very symmetrical. That is,, If you mentally draw a line, passing through its middle, both sides must be exactly the same.

Superficial Melanoma is a dangerous type of birthmark, you and must learn to identify. It usually has an arbitrary shape, something resembling blot. So if you find on your body any Mole phone, You must seem like a doctor!



Not cancerous moles have smoother, even the border. Their path is usually well stands out, and they have clearly delineated form.

Superficial melanoma has a serrated, blurry and slightly blurry, boundary. These moles do not have a clear shape. They are likely to be cancerous, and should therefore be inspected by a specialist.



Harmless Mole is usually Brown or has hue tanning. Its color is smooth and uniform.

A cancerous Mole is usually defined by the presence of many colors and shades. Because of the uneven distribution of colors is one of the hallmarks of cancer education.



Normal moles are usually not larger than a pencil eraser or about 6 mm in diameter.

If your body has a birthmark, dimensions of which far exceed the specified, This may be an adverse signal. In any case,, It should see a doctor.

Any changes


If you notice, birthmark has changed its form, color or size, Note, that is one of the signs of Melanoma. If any changes in moles to immediately contact a!

How to protect and prevent?

So what can be done to ensure, to protect your skin and prevent cancer?

Start using sunscreen every day, rather than only if, When you are on the beach. Look for a cream with an SPF factor of at least 15, and find the, who would have defended the skin from exposure to UVA and UVB, because both are very harmful for the skin.

Enhancing her natural beauty

Refrain from hikes in the solarium, because such procedures are attacking the skin the same UVA and UVB rays, lead to premature aging and may cause cancer and diseases of the eye.

Luminous solarium

Explore every inch of her body. In spite of the fact, that melanoma is most often formed in the open, unprotected from the Sun skin, It can appear everywhere. Don't forget to inspect your feet, toes and even intimate places.


And, Finally, the best way to prevent skin cancer is regular passage of examinations at the dermatologist. Of course, have to spend. But it could save your life!

Dermatologist examines patient birthmark with dermatoscope

Be sure to check all your moles for the presence 5 the above signs of malignancy. And if you find even the slightest reason to fear, immediately go to the doctor! Do not treat carelessly to your health, because it can cause serious problems.

Share your article with your friends and tell about her family members. Perhaps, This will help save someone's life!

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