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Conventional medical treatments did not solve problem. Various techniques have been proposed “treatment”, but they either bring short-term relief, and or not, only exacerbate the situation. No clearance was not seen until, While l. Ron Hubbard not started seriously to find a solution to the problem.

He had developed a detoxification program. It was the first and the only way to reduce the content of toxic substances in the body.

Perhaps, taking care of your body, You already have colon cleansing, blood purification, etc.. It is very good with the right for such procedures. But they have one drawback-they may not be able to clear the entire organism as a whole. However, harmful substances can saddle not only in liquids, gut, but more on this later.

Where the accumulated toxins.

Contrary to popular opinion, a large part of harmful substances is delayed is not in the intestines or blood, а в жировой ткани. It was found, that middle and old age, the body's ability to metabolize fat falls. Here we are faced with a situation, When toxins are deposited in adipose tissue, and the latter are not processed and, thus, the poison accumulates in the body.

In addition to the direct toxic effects on the body, the other side of the problem is that, What toxins literally burn the body nutrients, vitamins and minerals, emptying the main resources and reserves. And it also provokes the emergence of diseases, the negative physical and mental States. In fact any of the known diseases can be called only by creating a deficit in the body of one or more vitamins and microelements.

In General, the effects of the accumulation of toxins in the body are: memory impairment, chronic fatigue, slowing of reactions, depression, irritability, deterioration in perceptions (vision, hearing, the sense of smell, etc.), headaches, as well as various physical ailments and illnesses the most different organs and body parts.


Detoxification – the process of removing a poison or remedy the effects of poisoning.

Do not think, that the detoxification programme is needed only to former drug addicts or people, have been subjected to the effects of radiation. Detoxification program is cleansing the body from harmful substances, that accumulate in our body during years of life in big cities, work on industrial production, use of "enhanced" products and so on.

How does detoxification program.

The cause of the, which detox program works, is that, that helps cope with accumulated toxins and get rid of restlessness and dependencies.

Detox Program in not used drugs, no drugs. Recommended for admission only those substances, which can be classified as food. All events, included in the course programme, familiar person, but the exact combination of each element, a certain ratio of nutrients and procedures create from everyday things the healing cleansing program.

What elements is program.

Nutrition program, includes:

  • Normal diet, updated with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Strict dosage of vitamins, mineral substances and mixtures of vegetable oils.
  • Enough drink to compensate for, published with then liquid.

Regular, proper nutrition, supplemented by taking large doses of vitamins, mineral substances and mixtures of vegetable oils, is a vital factor, which promotes the leaching of toxic substances and restore those portions of tissues, that have been damaged by drugs and other residual toxins.

Exercise in the form of running. It is recommended that you run in order, to circulation penetrated deeper into tissue, in which accumulated residual toxic substances. These substances are released and are.

Certain periods in a sauna, that, coupled with the acquisition of the vitamins and other nutrients provides the ability to allocate with sweat accumulated toxins.

Correctly formatted agenda, with sufficient duration of sleep, because with the passage of the entire course

Program the human body undergoes changes and needs restoring.

These activities, conducted under the strict supervision and control, Obviously, provide whole body detoxification, restoring health and energetic.

Manifestations of effect purification programme.

  • Removing voltage;
  • Improved sleep;
  • The lack of an alarm or other restlessness;
  • Reduction or weight gain;
  • Selection of toxins.

The results of the programme.

In General, the results are detox program: the ability to think clearly, burst of energy, standard of enthusiasm, improving the perception of the world, mental quickness, improving the ability to learn new, feeling of cleanliness and health, deliverance from drugs, the decrease in the level of toxic substances in the body.

The researchers found, that the detoxification program caused an immediate loss of 16 different chemicals in the body by an average of 20%. Measurement, held four months after the end of the programme, showed declines in average 40% for those same chemicals. The fact, that concentration of chemicals continue to decline after completion, was exposed to and other studies.

Как определить наличие в организме токсинов?

A test, which is based on research data, achievers, What are the symptoms most often seen in people, exposed to radiation, harmful chemicals, alcohol, drugs and various medicines. The purpose of this test is, to determine the, What kind of problems your health caused by the presence of toxic substances in your body.

Rate the severity of each symptom on the 10-point scale according to your personal feelings.

  1. Rash . Do you have any areas of the body skin rashes, Acne, redness?
  2. Weakness . Have you noticed, that become physically weaker, that was the hardest to perform regular work?
  3. Dizziness . It happens whether you have dizziness?
  4. Impotence . Are you feeling at times, no special reason, izmotannym, depleted, depressed?
  5. Nervousness . Do you get nervous, «start» because of trifles?
  6. Headache . Do you suffer from headaches, migraine?
  7. Pain in the abdomen . Do you pain in your stomach or in any part of the stomach?
  8. Constipation . Do you have any problems with Chair (stool problems) or constipation?
  9. Vision . Do you have vision problems?
  10. The ability to concentrate . Are you focus on something one, think of one, be considerate?
  11. Insomnia . Do you have trouble sleeping (falling asleep, from waking up in the middle of the night), are you feeling awake or tired in the morning?
  12. Workability (willingness to work) You do not want to work? You're no fun?
  13. Ability to learn . Are you assimilate new information, new knowledge, ie. To study?
  14. Communicative (the relationship between band members). Does it happen so, that, without a special reason the people around you (at home or at work) annoy you, and you're mad at them?

Take the test and if you have any questions, our medical center is ready to help you solve them.

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