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Feature Tornado Medical Clinic Unlike many other agencies, medical-diagonostičeskogo profile is, that when any form of pathology examination and treatment are determined by a family physician.

Admission conducted by experts of the 1st and the highest category, having a 20- years of practical experience, constantly improving their knowledge and skills.

Our main underlying principle – the work of the clinic “family doctor” – therapist in Kherson, which allows to take into account the individual characteristics of, observe the dynamics, as well as offering komplesnuû medical care for the entire family.

That treats the therapist

Specialization of the therapist – This medication is prescribed set of diseases. These primarily include the common cold and respiratory viral infections (flu, ARI, runny nose, other diseases). Also, therapist in the South-West, diagnoses of vascular and heart disease (IRR, arterial hypertension, ischemia, hypertension), some blood diseases (anemia), common disorders (metabolism, Diathesis). Moreover, the therapist assists in violation of the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, the respiratory system, the syndrome of intoxication.

Additional features of the doctor-therapist

Physician not only treats the disease, that concern its immediate specializations, but has important clinical task. Firstly, This informative function. Often people, feeling ill, cannot determine the cause of the ailments, If it is not obvious, as, for example, trauma. This requires professional inspection and qualitative survey. In this case, the therapist assigns a diagnosis, and advises the patient about possible causes of disease, proposed ways to remedy it. Medical consultation has important psychological value for the patient, so as to know more about his illness and means of overcoming it.

Secondly, the therapist performs a distribution function. After listening to the complaints of the patient, analyzing symptoms, the therapist directs the patient to a specialist technician (ENT-doctor, neurologist, an endocrinologist, cardiologist, etc.). When obscure genesis of disease can be recommended for admission by several specialists. Third, therapist carries out monitoring of chronically ill patients, by taking the necessary measures to improve the State of health of the patient. The qualifications and experience of the therapist often depends on the correct treatment, as well as rapid recovery.

Treatment in therapy

Therapist offers a large range of remedies to cure main diseases. It's almost all available modern medical techniques, with the exception of surgery. Methods of treatment, applying physician, can be divided into two groups: 1) medication, 2) physiotherapy. Medical treatments associated with the use of drugs and highly active chemical compounds (chemotherapy). Physiotherapeutic technologies include a number of procedures, performed by various physical effects.

To physiotherapy, the therapist, can be considered as simple habits (for example, inhalation), so sophisticated techniques, requiring the use of high-tech equipment (electrophoresis, magnetic, laser, vibration, vacuum therapy). Often the therapist assigns medical and physiotherapeutic interventions together to increase the effectiveness of the treatment. A separate item used by means of prevention. This application of vitamins, biologically active substances, diet, cleansing of the body, recuperation in sanatoriums, changing climatic conditions

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