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Permanent make-up -International adopted the term, for "cosmetic procedure coloration of skin facial, run custom tool, method injection of dye in the pigment in the skin ".

Permanent makeup in Ukraine known for almost 20 years and is gaining popularity. Permanent make-up procedure today is part of the image of modern man.

Modern tattoo (Permanent make-up) is the Salon of aesthetic cosmetology procedure, designed for optical colour correction and improvement of forms of facial features.

Wizard tattoo customers now are getting more women, that is absolutely not enough time once again to look at themselves in the mirror, and look at all 100 "must be continually.

So, using tattooing can be done:

lifting lip wrinkles, the increase in the narrow lips (rebuilding muscle roll), restoring lip contour, lip reduction if necessary, hide any flaws (scarring, pigments);

fix eyebrow asymmetry or lack thereof, raise eyebrows when omitting their ends and do face "more fun" and younger;

create volume on narrow eyes, make them more open and expressive. Eye tattoo is ideal especially for those who wear glasses or lenses.

And an integral cause, on which you need to come to us is:

– waking up in the morning, Your man sees you as pretty as the evening;

– whether you're on the beach, in the swimming pool, on the training of women or better yet-you will always be the Queen with his tatuažem.

Choosing the right makeup and tattooing and perform perfectly, you will help our master-lineržist with medical education-esthetician-esthetician, make up artist, Lecturer School of Cosmetology Academy Tornado Mèdikal Group Master for permanent make-up.

That individual will pick up on your face shape is the shape of the eyebrows, lips, arrows. Given the type of skin and your wishes will pick up the correct color, which is right for you, as well as the technique of performing permanent make-up.

Tattooing is harmless and is eco-friendly: use only the disposable tool: needles, nozzles, pigment cups.

For permanent makeup applied and hypoallergenic organic paints, created by mineral or vegetable-based. Your skin is treated with a microscopically thin needles and inject ink just before the second layer of the epidermis (0.1-0.2 mm). The risk of infection and allergic reactions is excluded.

Find your unique image and hide the innate or acquired defects-the tattoo-make up. It remains only to prepare your body for the procedure to obtain your own advice before and after.

Of course getting recommendations of a specialist, You can implement and secure from possible undesirable effects. Therefore, do not need to invest time to such an integral part of the process as cosmetic consultation Tornado MG.

Eye tattoo

Tatuž lips

Tatuž eyebrow

What is the difference between a permanent tattoo from tattoo?
The differences begin with equipment. For permanent makeup machines are used more sparing mechanism, made of soft plastics, which is not traumatic for your skin. Tattoo machines using a metal drive for a better introduction of dyes in the skin.
A puncture of the skin in permanent make-up from 0,5 to 1 mm , and in a tattoo from the 1 to 2 mm . Differences in dye (pigments). In permanent makeup lips and eyebrows are completely natural pigments, which eventually reabsorbed in the skin to complete disappearance. The tattoo pigment and synthetic additives, that allow the pigment to be more sustainable over time. Quality equipment and tattoo pigments can be used only on the skin of the face or similar to it. It may not be for patterning the body. Also, you cannot use technology to tattoo permanent tattoo.

In all conditions: whether it's heat, Pool Sauna, Sports permanent makeup is not erased. You should not be surprised, You save time on makeup-all this gives confidence and your appearance.

To date, permanent makeup is one of the most demanded procedures and it is no coincidence. Nor that so does not increase the self-esteem of women, as always in every situation to feel in the form.

Permanent make-up (tattoo)

  • emphasize or correct the shape and color of eyebrows, lips and give brightness and expressive eyes.
  • allows you to completely replace the conventional cosmetics. This is very important for the modern woman, who wants to look good or for those, who is allergic to cosmetic products.
  • it's almost tattoo, but the dye is introduced not so deep, if tattoo ink penetrates deep into the skin 2-3 mm, then the permanent make-up on 0,8-1,5 mm. Given the, that the cells of skin on the face updated several times faster, than other areas of the body, several years appears to dye the skin surface and leaches. Therefore, permanent make-up (tattoo) can be updated at will or in accordance with the age-related changes.

Aesthetic dermapigmentatsiya– help correct small defects of skin pigmentation (vitiligo, scarring, striae)

Artistic tattoo– a huge selection of sketches, exclusive approach, guarantee the highest quality.

Temporary henna tattoo bio-– drawings on the body, imitation tattoo

Removal of poor quality tattoos and permanent make-up– Laser technology allows you to remove poor-quality tattoo and permanent make-up without damaging the skin: without depigmented scars and blemishes.

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  1. Olga says:

    Did eyebrow tattoo voloskovym method in Twister, the result is better than expected!!!!Looks very natural and beautiful form! Thanks for the great master of Elena!!!!

  2. Carmen says:

    Hello, Please tell me what is the cost of eyebrow tattooing.

    • Tornado says:

      Good day. tattoo eyebrows volume 3 D-1050 UAH.
      tattoo eyebrows,voloskovaja technology -1050 UAH.

  3. Svetlana says:

    Goodnight, how much is permanent makeup eyebrows?

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