Tattoo of lips

Competently executed tattooing can help hide any flaws, give your lips the volume and rich color. Pigments, used by our specialists, absolutely harmless to health and does not cause allergies. Eliminate the discomfort of modern anesthetics help.

Kinds of permanent make-up of lips:

Contour. Ideal for those, who by nature is expressive lips and want to just emphasize their path. The color pigment in this case is as close to the natural color of the lips;

Outline with partial shading. Make the circuit slower helps feather. The width of the shading, in any case, not more than 5 mm; – Circuit with full filling. Not only is the path, but the complete filling of the entire surface of the lip color. As a result of the color of your lips become smooth, expressive and vivid;

The amount of 3D – the original technology. Using different shades of color, Master seeks to effect a stunning volume of. – A transparent fill color – preserved natural pigment lips.

A professional beautician selects the ideal shape of the lips, offers a wide selection of pigments, listen to all your wishes. Learn, how much does a lip tattoo in Tornado MG, You can call 050 396 36 55.

Our works:


1. Circuit with full feathering the lip (natural look lip tattooing) – stroked with a thin lip contour and is done smoothly passing the feather, in this case, the color is most suitable to your lips. This type of tattoo emphasizes your lips, they become stronger and a little brighter.
2. Contour with shading lips (change the shape of the lips) – This type of permanent make-up can change the shape of the lips. When your desire, in this case,, You can increase or decrease the lips, make them bigger by using color-change the color of the lips or any other, for example, Red or pink. Tattoo lips allows to achieve such an effect, the lips will cardinally differ from natural origin.
Postprotsedurny care.
The final outcome of the procedure Permanent make-up influences and postprocedurnyj care. Necessary to carry out daily hygiene of the wound surface, keep in dry zone, avoid scratching, Friction, excluded from entering the area mikropigmentirovaniya creams and make-up and protect from the sun and the sun's rays using protective creams.
The market already has professional care creams zones eyebrows, lips and eyes after the procedure, tattoo. These products contribute to the rapid recovery of the skin, fixing pigment. Also effective is the use of antiviral drugs, that better protect against viral rash.

Growth and optical correction, the amount of lip shape 3D style

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  1. Anastasia says:

    How much does a lip tattoo (3D volume)?

    • Tornado says:

      Hello Anastasiya,
      The cost of permanent makeup lip depends on application technique:
      lip tattoo (contour) with partial shading 1050 UAH.
      lip tattoo with full feathering 3-D effect”Lipstick” 1150 UAH
      lip tattoo with full feathering effect “Spraying”” 1150 UAH.
      lip tattoo with full feathering effect”Watercolor” 1500 UAH.

      You can get free consultation master. Record by phone. 050 396 36 55

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