Eye tattoo

Eye tattoo – excellent procedure for those, who want to emphasize their eyes.

It is divided into zones of influence. There is a permanent makeup in the form of upper and lower eye contour. The upper contour eyes (arrow) to make the eyes more expressive. Arrow is held just above the level of the Cilia, the mežresničnoe space is not painted. The contour of the eye is, as a rule, When the eye tattoo with permanent makeup upper eyes.

In addition to the shooter with permanent makeup eye you can emphasize the lash line (painting of mežresničnogo space), your eyes will immediately look more expressive, a view is a magically-attractive.

After the procedure is often swelling of the upper eye, that does not go away within 24 hours. To reduce eye swelling, You must make a cool dry poultices. Someone after such a procedure would prefer to do nothing, but simply dress sunglasses.

To date,, Despite the popularity of this procedure, someone is afraid of, that can damage the eye needle, and someone is afraid of pain. Let's put it this way: – If you are a good person, something about all the problems, are you afraid of, can forget. At this time, you need to think about how, How will you look after tattooing, After all, you've solved several problems at once, namely:

  • Save your time, that you have spent for eyeliner; no need to think about violations of quality eyeliner during the day;
  • the sudden emergence of allergies, was raised unexpectedly, and with tatuažem you reduce applied cosmetics;
  • less damaged skin from everyday makeup, Accordingly, the process of aging pushed back.

Anaesthetic eye, during the procedure, used liquid and cream anesthetic drugs.

With a high pain threshold is used, the special mazevyj anesthetic, with the longest validity period, that makes the process more comfortable.

A professional beautician Tornadoes will form a valid tatuaj eye, offers a wide selection of pigments, listen to all your wishes. Learn, how much does a tattoo eye in Tornado MG, You can call 050 396 36 55.

Wizard tattoo Tornado Mèdikal Group:

  • Modify the round eye, making them more almond-shaped, as well as visually raise the drooping eye corners;
  • Effect of furry eyelashes emphasize the shape of the eye, optical giving volume eyelashes.
1. Soft feather eyebrows – this type of permanent make-up used in the faded eyebrows, which emphasizes your natural shape. Applied to the hair shadow shading on the office of your brows. When visual effect eyebrows look sharp and expressive.
2. Pencil effect – can cope with a lack of hair or do they rarely present. Prior to the tattoo eyebrow outlines cosmetic pencil eyebrow shape according to your wishes.
3. Technique “hairs” – used in the case, When scars, scars or misuse of your eyebrow tweezers made imperfect.
Postprotsedurny care.
The final outcome of the procedure of permanent makeup affects postprotsedurny care. Necessary to carry out daily hygiene of the wound surface, keep in dry zone, avoid scratching, Friction, excluded from entering the area mikropigmentirovaniya creams and make-up and protect from the sun and the sun's rays using protective creams.
The market already has professional care creams zones eyebrows, lips and eyes after the procedure, tattoo. These products contribute to the rapid recovery of the skin, fixing pigment. Also effective is the use of antiviral drugs, that better protect against viral rash.
Your eyes become more expressive and attractive!
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8 Comments on record “Eye tattoo”

  1. Irina says:

    how much does eye tattoo?

    • Tornado says:

      Good afternoon,
      Tattoo upper eyelid from the 800 to 900 UAH.
      Depends on the width of the arrow.
      Tattoo master takes Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 9.30 up to 17.00
      Record by phone. 050 396 36 55

  2. Svetlana says:

    How much does permanent makeup eyebrows?

  3. Tatyana says:

    Hello. As the tattoo master name?

  4. Galina says:

    Good evening! how much is tattoo of eyes and eyebrows?

    • Tornado says:

      Good afternoon,Eye tattoo cost – 1400 UAH., eyebrows – 1400 UAH.
      Master consultation without charge by appointment ,number of clinics 0503963655
      With uv.Tornado MG

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