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Eyebrows -How big is their role in creating a unique image? Remember Cleopatra, Coco Chanel, Marilyn Monroe-their beauty has become a legend, While each had its own formula for perfect eyebrows! By the way, These beautiful women have become "zakonodatel′nicami" fashion in this field: well-defined eyebrows, natural and slightly lengthened form at the peak of its popularity to this day. However, modern beauties carried a lot more they can afford perfect eyebrows, avoiding the victims and efforts. Cope perfectly well helps permanent makeup- eyebrow tattoo.

There are several techniques of tattooing, ideal and the, who first decided on a procedure for, and so, who is already familiar with it.

Šatirovanie (tattoo with feathering) -eyebrows are full and look like, If they brought a pencil or shadow. Often šatirovanie is used for the correction of defective or old work, to make the eyebrows of expressiveness or change their forms. As a result of the eyebrows look stylish and neat, and the effect lasts for a long time.

Hair by hair or voloskovaâ technique -There are two types of, the "European" and "Eastern". «The Europeanthe method allows to simulate the natural hair growth. The "hairs" should not be thick. «East"the technology is more complex. However, the effect of, as a rule, exceeds even the wildest expectations, further adjustment is not required, and my eyebrows look amazing.

A professional beautician selects the ideal shape of eyebrows, offers a wide selection of pigments, listen to all your wishes. Learn, how much does a eyebrow tattoo in Tornado, You can call 050 396 36 55

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1. Soft feather eyebrows – this type of permanent make-up used in the faded eyebrows, which emphasizes your natural shape. Applied to the hair shadow shading on the office of your brows. When visual effect eyebrows look sharp and expressive.
2. Pencil effect – can cope with a lack of hair or do they rarely present. Prior to the tattoo eyebrow outlines cosmetic pencil eyebrow shape according to your wishes.
3. Technique “hairs” – used in the case, When scars, scars or misuse of your eyebrow tweezers made imperfect.
  • Eyebrow;
  • Feather in 3D;
  • the effect of natural hair.
Postprotsedurny care.
The final outcome of the procedure of permanent makeup affects postprotsedurny care. Necessary to carry out daily hygiene of the wound surface, keep in dry zone, avoid scratching, Friction, excluded from entering the area mikropigmentirovaniya creams and make-up and protect from the sun and the sun's rays using protective creams.
The market already has professional care creams zones eyebrows, lips and eyes after the procedure, tattoo. These products contribute to the rapid recovery of the skin, fixing pigment. Also effective is the use of antiviral drugs, that better protect against viral rash.
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  1. Tatyana says:

    Prompt, What are the rates of eyebrow tattooing today.

    • Tornado says:

      Good afternoon,
      cost of tattoo eyebrows 800 UAH.
      By appointment Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 9,30 to 17.00.
      Record by phone. 050 396 36 55

  2. Irina says:

    What is the price of permanent make-up of eyebrows?

    • Tornado says:

      Good afternoon,

      The cost of the procedure tattoo eyebrows 800-00 UAH.
      For a free consultation you can enroll by phone. 050 396 36 55
      49 24 32

  3. Lera says:

    Hello,Tell me please,how much will it cost tattoo eyebrow correction?

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