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CAUTION - Moles!

People with a perfectly smooth and even skin are rare. Almost everyone has some kind of skin tumors, such as warts, Moles, papilloma, Nevi, lipoma, keratomas etc.. Skin tumors are not only a cosmetic defect, they may present risks to human health.

Learn to identify and prevent skin cancer

Every 57 minutes one person dies from melanoma. Protect yourself-check the moles on your body for the presence of 5 danger signs of skin cancer! Although, that skin is the largest organ of our body (survival without which simply cannot be!), We rarely care about her with the love, interest and respect, that she deserves.

What moles are dangerous?

Moles can give the appearance of unique charm, Remember Marilyn Monroe or Cindy Crawford. But sometimes a mole becomes a serious reason for going to the doctor the tornado. What are moles, When to delete. All this read below.

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