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Scars and scars – How to handle them

From the appearance of scars and scar tissue, unfortunately, No one is safe. They can cause serious injury, regular cuts. Skin defects after Burns, plastic surgery, Cesarean. Even Mole removal, or rough shave leaves small scars. Of course, external scars and scarring do not cause health problems. But the scars are only men. Women with scars Read more

Video: Removal of tumors

People with a perfectly smooth and even skin are rare. Almost everyone has some skin tumors, such as warts, Moles, papilloma, Nevi, lipoma, keratomas etc.. Skin tumors are not only a cosmetic defect, they may present risks to human health. Tornado Medical Group offers services to remove tumors in Mykolayiv and Kherson

Scar Removal

Sorry, skin scars are the inevitable consequence of any open injury or surgery. They remain for life, often creating a significant cosmetic and functional defects. Disfiguring scars, scarring, restricting the movement of even small, can cause serious problems in patients, in business, and personal life. People, adrift, Faced with this problem, you should know, Read more

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