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Tornadoes in the solarium modern lamp

Solarium is practically the only way to get a smooth and beautiful tan for those people, who can not afford a summer holiday. Moreover, regular visits to the tanning of colds in winter. The main element of the solarium is a source of ultraviolet radiation. Lamps for tanning, as the engine for the car.


Envelopment – One of the most popular ways to treat cellulite and fight obesity. By the way, Body Wrap was known in ancient times: The ancient Greeks and Romans used to restore the health of seaweed wrap, mud wraps, adding to their special healing potions. This procedure is no less popular today, but this is an exceptionally nice way to not only Read more


PEPTIDES – BASIS life began at the bottom of the primary ocean, under the influence of chemical reactions and electrical lightning, amino acids together in the simplest form of protein, which gave rise to the evolution of life on Earth. Peptides consist of unique chains of amino acids (AK) and serve as information carriers at the cellular level. Low molecular weight peptides can easily penetrate into the damaged tissue, Read more

Home Care for Men

We recommend 5 basic elements for home care: 1. Eye gel: instantly eliminates symptoms of fatigue, reduces puffiness and dark circles under the eyes. It also relaxes and refreshes the skin, smoothes wrinkles, prevents premature aging, moisturizes and protects the skin of the eyelid. 2. Facial cleansing foam is wonderful in the role of shaving foam (It perfectly cleanses and tightens Read more

Tanning Studio

BIO - LAMPS: New energy Extras effect Enhanced protection why a SOLARIUM? Often, we are extremely unwise approach to solar power: underestimate the power of the sun in the summer and paying sunburn, and in the winter we forget about it and suffer from a lack of substance, which are synthesized in our body to UV.

Thermo SPA

THERMO-SPA procedure allows you to hover over water, enjoy the cozy warmth and the sounds of music. Each procedure is a small vacation! You just lie down on a water bed, a pleasant temperature. Bath rises to the top. Body, without changing the position of, immersed in sogrevaûŝuû water, causing a pleasant feeling of "weightlessness". Massage performed circular movements, If the hands of an experienced masseur from stop to occiput. Before Read more

Hardware pampering

LDG-4-the new multifunctional apparatus, который разработан Ericson Laboratoire (France) to improve the efficiency cosmetic care for face and body. Used as an independent high-performance method of instrumental cosmetology. cosmetic salon in Kherson LDG has a number of advantages over other devices: • combination with ultrasonic technology, increasing the efficiency of procedures due to the possible introduction of active substances into the skin; • Read more


Wrapping Tornado Medical SPA-way etovelikolepny correction by using natural ingredients, as well as stimulating the body's own capacity. A large concentration of minerals and nutrients, contained in cocktails wraps, have a strengthening effect on the whole body. We offer a large selection of vitamins, algal, Mineral, mud, Milk and other algae wraps. Treatments wraps aim to address a number of Read more

Hardware techniques facial

Apparatus cosmetology won many fans, among specialists, and among visitors to beauty salons, primarily, due to its efficiency and quickness of achievement. The use of hardware tools in complex with classical procedures – One of the most promising trends in cosmetology today. Cosmetic surgeries are equipped with equipment of leading world manufacturers.

Home facials

To achieve maximum and prolonged effect after the procedure it is recommended to Salon special gamma means for home care. Your beautician will pick up the necessary care in accordance with the purpose of, you want to reach.

Facial and neck

We offer a wide range of programs to care for all skin types, developed on the basis of professional cosmetic lines combined with sensory, hardware and injection methods. Radiant skin Enjoy the natural beauty and freshness, giving a smile and feel confident, You look like. Smooth hand your hands can show your age but you have the power to return Read more

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