Burning fat in problem areas: What can chemical liposuction

For figure correction on today may be asked a lot of techniques, available in aesthetic medicine. One of them is Mesotherapy using drugs, with strong lipolitičeskim effect. One of these drugs, long used for correction of fat in problem areas, is phosphatidylcholine. It allows to provide fat burning with impressive results, but requires thorough implementation Protocol the beautician apply.

What is effective at burning fat Mesotherapy in problem areas

Dry liposuction using injection lipolytic drugs in problem areas gives wonderful effect, not inferior to surgical correction of fat.

Most often, Mesotherapy for fat burning in hormonally dependent areas and places with genetically caused fat accumulation.

Good result shows chemical liposuction in the breeches and the back of the thigh, in the area of so-called climacteric hump at the level of the 7 cervical vertebrae. Moreover, Mesotherapy with order recommended after liposuction surgery, to adjust the effects unevenly remote adipose tissue.

One of the drugs, used for chemical liposuction, is phosphatidylcholine. Its effectiveness is based on the, that he is able to increase the sensitivity of receptors to cells of fat stimulating effects, in these cells is accelerated processes lipolysis, improves metabolic processes. Previously, it was used for the treatment of Xanthelasma-fat on the century's education, and then use this lipolitika has grown considerably. It is capable of:

  • accelerate tissue regeneration,
  • slow down the development of fibrosis,
  • improved lid Derma,
  • reduce the progression of cellulite.

However, the use of phosphatidylcholine in mesotherapeutic methods requires careful anamnesis of the patient and the compliance procedure. So, When the patient's allergies to soy product is absolutely contraindicated, because soybeans are a source of formulating medical phosphatidylcholine. Contraindications for fat loss by using this medication will be diseases of the liver and kidney, pregnancy and lactation, kollagenozy and uncompensated diabetes, aggravated infekcionnve and somatic diseases.

Especially fat burning procedures with application of phosphatidylcholine

Almost all complications, observed after Mesotherapy with fosfatidilholinom, attributable to the negligence of a cosmetologist in the procedure. Dry liposuction requires very careful and thoughtful approach. So, the highest single phosphatidylcholine weekly dose should not exceed 500 mg, but preferably begin with doses 100 mg and look at its efficiency for the patient, If you need to raise it in a subsequent.

Volume mezoterapevtičeskogo cocktail for fat loss should not exceed 0,2 ml per injection. Product introduces infiltration method, perpendicular to the surface of the skin, strictly in the subcutaneous fatty tissue. Vkola points are staggered at least 2 cm. After the introduction of the drug should stop exerting pressure on syringe plunger, remove the needle and good massage zone Mesotherapy, that the drug was distributed evenly.

After the introduction of lipolitika to burn fat in the zone of mezoterapevtičeskogo effects inflammation may occur, hyperthermia, swelling and soreness.

Depending on the patient's reaction to chemical liposuction, from dosage recommended fat burning rate can vary from 4 to 7 procedures, which are held every one or two weeks.

Important things to remember when conducting chemical liposuction

Introduction of phosphatidylcholine to burn fat in problem areas must be accompanied by procedures, reinforcing the walls of blood vessels and stimulating blood circulation- and lymphatic flow.

When chemical liposuction be sure to assign a lymphatic drainage massage, that would accelerate the excretion of splintered from the body and improves triglycerides procedure results.

It should be remembered, that when burning fat in genetically areas should not be used in the composition of the mezoterapevtičeskogo cocktail advanced preparations, destroy the membranes of the fat cells. It may bear the risk of necrosis at the slightest breach of rules introduction, as well as disrupt the physiological balance, When a compensatory start dividing progenitor cells, and developing obesity.

Use a stand-alone introduction of phosphatidylcholine in combination with power correction, strengthening vessels and reasonable exercise gives an impressive effect in burning fat in problem areas.

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