Dry facial skin: where are the problem

Since the birth of our skin undergoes many changes, We don't like, and it's not always about manifestations of age in the form of wrinkles. After the elastic Velvet Baby cheeks, After high fat content and vospalennosti of adolescence is the time, When we start to fight skin dryness. Most visitors uhodovoj cosmetics shops stop near creams and serums for dry and sensitive skin, and in beauty salons interested in moisturizing facial. Почему же нас начинает тревожить face, thereby increases its sensitivity and what problems it can create.

The epidermal barrier and dry facial skin-is there any dependency

As you know, the protective barrier of skin, whose mission is, to protect it from the deepest layers of damage, is the stratum corneum. It consists of dead cells, resembling in shape the scales are flat, filled with a hard protein substance keratin. These scales are surrounded by a protein-lipid shell and connected protein relations-desmosomami. The ranks of horny scales interspersed multilayer lipid layers, composed of molecules of ceramides, cholesterol, free fatty acids.

Все липидные пласты и роговые чешуйки прошиты между собой и плотно соединены в единую структуру нитями жирных кислот, forming the epidermal barrier.

Despite the impressive structural order, the epidermal barrier is not as monolithic, as it seems. Studies show, Depending on the composition of the lipid parts of the stratum corneum is absolutely impermeable to water and soluble substances, and some have very low density. Moreover, There are special water canaliculus, located between layers of lipids and serve for limited migration of water and other substances, able to dissolve in it.

So, the protective properties of the corneal layer is not too reliable: through it you may receive moisture and evaporate from the surface of the skin, and inside get foreign substances in solution with water as. However, and here are some conservation measures moisture: on the surface of the Horn scales are molecules of the so-called natural moisturising factor (NMF) -hygroscopic amino acids, mineral components, hyaluronic acid. They capture and bind moisture part, emitted on the surface of the skin. Why then dry facial skin occurs?

Почему нарушается эпидермальный барьер и какие проблемы это вызывает

When our horny layer undamaged, It scales evenly reflect light, why the skin looks fresh and radiant. Moreover, a healthy stratum corneum elastic and soft, He bent and stretched following the movements of the skin, arising from our facial expressions. If in rogovom layer of little moisture, it becomes brittle, tough, When driving it forms cracks, and through these lesions in the skin can penetrate pathogens and irritants.

От поврежденных чешуек рогового слоя свет отражается хаотично, giving the skin a dull hue.

Damaging factor for corneal layer is often wash hard water or use aggressive cleansers. Violation of the epidermal barrier can be one of the following manifestations.

  • Feeling of tightness of the skin. Usually occurs later 10-15 minutes after washing. When the horny layer is damaged, leather quickly gaining water, causing its swelling. Then the water just evaporates quickly, and the person feels, as if leather shrinks.
  • Dry facial skin. Develops under the influence of surfactants, included in cosmetics or means for washing. They can bind to proteins of the corneal layer and call them denaturatia, destroy lipids, flush out the components of natural moisturizing factor. Chronically dry facial skin may be in the case of, If the patient does not have enough in their diet essential fats, smokes, lives in a constant state of stress, works indoors with very dry air conditioning/heating.
  • Skin irritation. Damaged epidermal barrier becomes a signal to cells of the immune system to intensify against possible infiltration of foreign elements, that is evident to local irritation. If your skin still infiltrated substances, destroy cell membranes, develops inflammation, or-in case of introduction of allergen-an allergic reaction. If the stimulus reached the nerve endings, located in the skin, adds to inflammation itchy.

So, to cleanse the skin must be approached very cautiously, in order not to damage the epidermal barrier. Dry facial skin is not in itself a pathology, but can cause the development of many problems, requiring serious medical intervention.

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