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Often, we are extremely unwise approach to solar power: underestimate the power of the sun in the summer and paying sunburn, and in the winter we forget about it and suffer from a lack of substance, which are synthesized in our body to UV.
Tan is the characteristic coloring of the skin with natural dye, t. it is. the selection of the pigment melanin, that is formed in the upper layer of the skin in the process of melanosinteza under the influence of ultraviolet rays.
A quick tanning occurs due to UV-A radiation. Solarium has a large amount of UV-A rays, resulting in a surface manifestation of a skin pigment. This gives the surface a spray tan, based on the available in the skin of melanine in the. He is shown immediately after the photo and intensity continues to 24 hours. Biopositive wave sunlight, stimulate the production of vitamin d in the body, It is very important for the circulatory system, as well as nervous and imunoj systems. Under the influence of UV light the body produces endorphins-pleasure stuff», the lack of which leads to the oppressed mental condition. Useful Tan and for those, who suffer from Acne.
Access to the solarium in the fall and winter is a source of good mood and huge health benefits. Not leaving the beautiful bronze Tan, You prepare yourself for the onslaught of hot sunny days.
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