Elena Voloshina

Specialization: Esthetician-esthetician, make up artist, Permanent make-up master

Record of service: 8 years.


Lajneržist of the highest category

Kherson Medical College; beautician courses-make-up artist at the Academy of scientific beauty Tornado, Permanent make-up courses with practical training
Professional development for PM "Colours, micro-pigmentation». Simferopol; "Komuflirovanie scars, Vitiligo, etc. skin imperfections»

In 2013 g. passed training courses in Berlin. Festival in Paris 2011 g. Participation in the contest and the Rapporteur of the Congress KosmeticInternationalpo "scar tissue in permanent makeup». Correction of the lip contour with herpes infection. Articles and reports in the medical literature.

The basic directions of activity:

Visagiste-stylist, Professor of the Academy of science of beauty from Tornado 2001 g. Artistic and medical education help to create ideal images of their clients, carefully selecting colors and shapes, to highlight the advantages and disadvantages of hide skillfully.

He speaks fluent modern techniques: šotirovanie (hair by hair), watercolor (the effect of gloss on the lips), arrow and feather, working with color correction and scars from a bad tattoo.

  For an appointment please call the Tornado Medical Group
(0552) 49 24 32
050 396 36 55
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  1. Olga says:

    I strongly advise the master Elena! For the second time doing permanentyny tattoo eyebrows and is very happy! The shape and color, width, everything is perfect! Professional! thank you!

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