SmartLipo liposuction on technology

Laser lipolysis - the most advanced technology of non-surgical body shaping. The selective effect of the laser on the membrane of fat cells makes it possible to get rid of excess fat tissue, especially in cases, when classical or ultrasonic liposuction is not applicable.

Anti-age injection MesoSculpt

laboratory ABClab (USA) for anti-aging injections XXI Century Specialist, led by Elina Tester. In conjunction with a plastic surgeon Michael Caine, Dr. Elina tester developed a new technology, that underlies drug MesoSculpt C71. The innovative development, in the field of anti-age cell therapy, injectable MesoSculpt C71 created directly for the correction of age-related changes, occurring in the surface of fat face pack Read more

WHAT Diode Laser Hair Removal

Hair removal diode laser - a cosmetic procedure, which allows you to get rid of unwanted body hair for a long time, in some cases for life. Hair removal by laser diode - is one form of laser hair removal, through which the "problem" areas of the body are smooth and very attractive.

Hardware massages in TORNADO MEDICAL SPA

Vacuum Massage rolikovыy LDG 30 minutes / 280 USD / Zone device is designed to: increasing the flexibility and elasticity of the skin; stimulation of the circulatory system and the lymphatic drainage: fat; removing edema. Press massage 30-40 minutes / 260 USD

Enjoy massages at the TORNADO MEDICAL SPA

Classic body massage 60 minute /360 UAH Massage is used as a therapeutic and prophylactic agent, helps relieve stress and fatigue, improve overall health, the correct functioning. Full body massage is indicated for high physical and mental stress, recovery from injury. Thanks massage improves blood circulation and oxygen supply, nutrients. Massage helps to eliminate decay products, dross, lipolysis, reduction effects Read more


The result of passing a course of treatments is guaranteed for weight loss 5-8 kg, decrease the volume of the body at 4-10 cm.


Diet for fat cells. An intensive weight loss combined with enjoying a wonderful fragrance and feelings! Statement: 1) cellulitis; 2) local fat deposits; 3) violation of Microcirculation; 4) puffiness; 5) loss of skin tone. The Result: 1) Active fat burning; 2) a significant decrease in effect "orange peel"; 3) restoration of normal circulation; 4) detoxification of tissues; 5) reduce puffiness; 6) improving skin tone.

Promoitalia – nitevaja lift

Company Promoitalia Group (Italy) is a leader in the field of Cosmetology and plastic surgery, already over 20 years of providing innovative solutions to correct the aesthetic face and body skin imperfections. Today the company Promoitalia Group offers a wide range of polimolochnyh yarns, are the undeniable innovation in the field of lifting nitevogo.

Contour from Tornado MG

With a light hand by Chekhov, we already know from childhood, that man everything should be fine. However, Anton Pavlovich was silent, what to do, If any features are far from ideal. In such cases, comes to the aid of modern cosmetology, capable of miracles! New techniques, such, as contour plastic in'ekcionnaja, help women and men not only prolong youth Read more

Mesotherapy of Tornado MG

The most common problem, which patients to the doctor-beautician – These are the first signs of aging skin – wrinkles, cellulitis, Double Chin. As you age your skin is exposed to many destructive factors, which accelerate the natural aging process, This is the Sun, hormonal changes, the harmful effects of the environment Wednesday, consequences of improper lifestyle, etc..

Diode laser hair removal

Diode laser hair removal in Kherson from Tornado MG is run using experienced and kvalificirovanymi specialists. For laser hair removal, we use Light Sheer diode laser and laser Soprano Alma. This procedure is most effective methods of removing unwanted hair.

Botox injections botulotoksiny Refajneks

Our Medical Center offers Botox injections in Kherson. In our practice we use injection botuloksinov Refajneks (Refinex.) and Dysport (Dysport.), price that is considerably lower than Botox, and the effect of these drugs is often better, Thanks to modern methods. The price of BOTOX in Kherson will be pleasantly surprised by our patients.

Mikroblejding in Kherson

New service Tornado MG – eyebrow mikroblejding!

Mikroblejding eyebrow-procedure, very similar to tattooing. It also involves the introduction of pigment under the skin, but the principle impact slightly different. If tattooing ink composition is entered using the machines, When mikroblejdinge the whole responsibility falls solely on the shoulders of the wizard. He injects the pigment under the skin with the help of special devices, reminiscent of the finest scalpel. As a result, paint Read more

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