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The result of passing a course of treatments is guaranteed for weight loss 5-8 kg, decrease the volume of the body at 4-10 cm.


Diet for fat cells. An intensive weight loss combined with enjoying a wonderful fragrance and feelings! Statement: 1) cellulitis; 2) local fat deposits; 3) violation of Microcirculation; 4) puffiness; 5) loss of skin tone. The Result: 1) Active fat burning; 2) a significant decrease in effect "orange peel"; 3) restoration of normal circulation; 4) detoxification of tissues; 5) reduce puffiness; 6) improving skin tone.

NEW TORNADO MG!!! Weight loss for 1 guaranteed!

Every woman knows, the most effective drugs in cosmetology at its core, contain vegetative components. Force of nature was recognized by vračuûŝej another of our distant ancestors. Today, using it in conjunction with the latest research in the field of recovery of the body and skin, experts have developed the most efficient methods of correction.

Chocolate Wrap

Just imagine for a second, that favorite goodies million women-chocolate-you can not only recover, but the benefit for the shape. Chocolate wrap can have a beneficial impact on our entire body, giving a seductive form body, lifting our mood, toning and rejuvenating skin.

Steps for effective cellulite treatment

It Seems, that can be solved completely all problems, especially in matters of beauty. With the help of special clinics or salons can fundamentally change, forget about the shortcomings and flaws. However, many forces takes women's fight against cellulite, because it requires a lot of time and money. Order more, in today's hectic lifestyle is valued every free minute, Read more

Causes skin darkening of the armpits

External defects cause many inconveniences, and become a source of. In particular such problems afflict women in summer, When the hot weather makes outdoor wear outfits, Unable to hide all the deficiencies in contrast to warm clothes. Quite often the cause of stiffness is the phenomenon, as the darkening of your underarms, because of what the women have to abandon dresses sleeveless and hikes Read more

Special care for sensitive skin

Patients with sensitive skin should be alerted a doctor, that is their feature, they should always treat your skin gently, not to provoke its damage. The doctor should find the right cosmetics for home care and beauty treatments to the patient.

weight loss for women

How to lose weight for women after 40

Stable job with a good income, strong and sturdy family and sense of self-worth, life satisfaction and peace of mind for tomorrow-it is with such data, many women overcome its 40-and years. But, like all good has not been, not infrequently, there is one "but", that overshadows all the above. Talking about the reflection in the mirror, that reminds Read more

How to lose weight without dieting

Do not attempt to reset the "Ballast" for the holidays, and change attitudes towards oneself and one's weight is the only one really working way to lose weight without dieting. But how to do it? It is actually not too difficult, If you understand the basic principles of. Decide exactly how you lose weight weight loss program will help from Tornado. Also check out the tips Read more

Scars and scars – How to handle them

From the appearance of scars and scar tissue, unfortunately, No one is safe. They can cause serious injury, regular cuts. Skin defects after Burns, plastic surgery, Cesarean. Even Mole removal, or rough shave leaves small scars. Of course, external scars and scarring do not cause health problems. But the scars are only men. Women with scars Read more

On the professional cosmetics

Long before the release of an easily accessible on Botox, Retinol and other invasive substances, We have successfully used the creams, the introduction of what was often only flattering daily rite. Enzymes, liposomes, collagen, antioxidants, retinol, hyaluronic acid, placeholders of wrinkles-the data elements have emerged in cosmetic medicine starvnitel′no not so long ago. However, in the absence of their, We do not represent an excellent cosmetics Read more


Dry Skin Care Foot

Dry skin causes discomfort. She begins to peel off, itching and formed keratinized. To give the skin elasticity and healthy appearance, it must be a sufficient amount of lipids and intense hydration. Only the combined effect of moisturizing factors and body fat will create a reliable barrier, that will allow the top layer of the skin to regulate water balance and will protect against bacteria, viruses, Read more

FEMINITY - preparations for a professional skin care

"Proteins time" and phytoestrogens to protect stem cells and hormonal balance of the skin vosstanovlneniya. Adapted beauty care under c cyclic changes in hormonal levels. The Institute ERICSON LABORATOIRE based on current scientific research in the field of cell biology to create an innovative concept beauty treatment FEMINITY, aimed at restoring the internal hormonal balance of the skin, and protecting and enhancing its own Read more

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