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Promoitalia – nitevaja lift

Company Promoitalia Group (Italy) is a leader in the field of Cosmetology and plastic surgery, already over 20 years of providing innovative solutions to correct the aesthetic face and body skin imperfections. Today the company Promoitalia Group offers a wide range of polimolochnyh yarns, are the undeniable innovation in the field of lifting nitevogo.

Contour from Tornado MG

With a light hand by Chekhov, we already know from childhood, that man everything should be fine. However, Anton Pavlovich was silent, what to do, If any features are far from ideal. In such cases, comes to the aid of modern cosmetology, capable of miracles! New techniques, such, as contour plastic in'ekcionnaja, help women and men not only prolong youth Read more

Facial photorejuvenation in Tornado MG

Photorejuvenation is a modern and highly effective method to combat widespread skin problems, mostly the primary signs of aging. It is not only suitable for the skin, but and décolleté, Neck, hands and other. Excellent reviews on this method of restoring the skin's appearance in Kherson, on the one hand, associated with moderate cost, and on the other Read more

Diseases of internal organs-signs on the face

A common mistake, which allow many people, is, that the appearance of pimples on the face they see as purely cosmetic problem, not even suspecting that, that such external imperfections may indicate diseases of internal organs. Therefore, it is important to know, as different zones correlate with internal organs.

Increased oiliness of the skin

Causes of greasy: why sometimes increased oiliness of the skin

Increased oiliness of the Koi is usually associated with the inevitable problems of acne and acne, However, oily skin is one of the options rules, just this type of skin requires appropriate care. If handled properly and oily skin longer preserves the smoothness and not worried about early wrinkles, However, during the period of hormonal adjustment-pubertal, pregnancy, from other causes, callers Read more

Why wrinkles appear and how to prevent them

Wrinkles develop over time and are a natural "symptom" of aging, but some factors can accelerate the process of their occurrence or cause premature skin ageing. Understanding of the underlying causes of wrinkles will help you avoid this phenomenon or to postpone this process.

Acne treatment: the State of the issue and new opportunities

The choice of methods of acne treatment should be based on an adequate clinical evaluation of its degree of gravity. You should always take into account the status of endocrine background, related diseases and conditions. That's why for the management of patients in Tornado MG acne Dermatologists often resort to the help of other specialists-gynaecologists, endocrinologists, urologists, therapists.

4 types of peeling skin for every age

In the fight against aging skin is all good. What did not come up with inventive minds, relentlessly tense up in order to find ways of getting rid of wrinkles and other skin problems, caused by the aging process. One of the most popular cosmetic procedures, carried out with the purpose of Facial rejuvenation and characteristic of each age skin problems, is Read more

How to fix sagging Chin cheeks

Smooth and firm skin, neat features are the attributes of a beautiful person. And as unpleasant, When features of breaking them, and elasticity is lost. When the skin loses its tone, on the face of the emerging bryli. But this can be avoided, and if necessary, correct the. If you have brylej you have excess weight, the first thing, need to cope with Read more

Miliums on face – why and how to treat?

Skin defects manifest themselves in different forms: redness, sagging, Wrinkles, stains, Acne, Acne, etc.. Among them there are also miliums, also called prosânkami, White pimples and cysts miliarnymi retencionnymi. Such education is most often under the eyes and on the upper eyelid. Sometimes they can be found on the cheeks, the forehead, neck, the cheek bones or not at Read more

How to get rid of freckles

How cute redheads girls with freckles. Mostly people think so, not encountered a problem with freckles. In fact, can be delivered to their owners freckles cosmetic nuisance. We shall tell you about the causes of and ways to combat freckles.

Lentigo (pigmentation) – reasons, treatment, Prevention

The appearance of pigment spots on the body, and especially on the face can cause significant cosmetic nuisance. And if you do not solve this problem, the age will only increase pigmentation. So today the tornado Mèdikal Groups will tell you, How to solve this problem.

Cosmetic face massage

Only correct and well-chosen facial skin can maintain the beauty and health of the skin. One of the components of such care can become a cosmetic face massage. Now we'll tell you in detail about this procedure and its characteristics.

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