Mikroblejding in Kherson

New service Tornado MG – eyebrow mikroblejding!

Mikroblejding eyebrow-procedure, very similar to tattooing. It also involves the introduction of pigment under the skin, but the principle impact slightly different. If tattooing ink composition is entered using the machines, When mikroblejdinge the whole responsibility falls solely on the shoulders of the wizard. He injects the pigment under the skin with the help of special devices, reminiscent of the finest scalpel. As a result, paint Read more

Permanent make-up – modern technology for beauty

There are women, that are at home a lot of decorative cosmetics and daily make-up, spending a lot of time on it. But there are also such, who choose a faster way – permanent makeup, that can hide some imperfections and create an attractive image for a long time. It contained the same principles, the usual tattoo, that's just harmless Read more

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Permanent make-up

Permanent make-up (tattoo) emphasize or correct the shape and color of eyebrows, lips and give brightness and expressive eyes. allows you to completely replace the conventional cosmetics. This is very important for the modern woman, who wants to look good or for those, who is allergic to cosmetic products. it's almost tattoo, but the dye is introduced not so deep, if the tattoo ink Read more

Eye tattoo

Eye tattoo – excellent procedure for those, who want to emphasize their eyes. It is divided into zones of influence. There is a permanent makeup in the form of upper and lower eye contour. The upper contour eyes (arrow) to make the eyes more expressive. Arrow is held just above the level of the Cilia, the mežresničnoe space is not painted. The contour of the eye is, as a rule, Read more

Tattoo of lips

Competently executed tattooing can help hide any flaws, give your lips the volume and rich color. Pigments, used by our specialists, absolutely harmless to health and does not cause allergies. Eliminate the discomfort of modern anesthetics help.

Tattooing eyebrows

Eyebrows-how big is their role in creating a unique image? Remember Cleopatra, Coco Chanel, Marilyn Monroe-their beauty has become a legend, While each had its own formula for perfect eyebrows! By the way, These beautiful women have become "zakonodatel′nicami" fashion in this field: well-defined eyebrows, natural and slightly lengthened form at the peak of its popularity to this Read more

tattoo Kherson


Permanent makeup is the term adopted by the international, for "cosmetic procedure coloration of skin facial, run custom tool, method injection of dye in the pigment in the skin ". Permanent makeup in Ukraine has been known for almost 20 years and is gaining popularity. Permanent make-up procedure today is part of the image of modern man.

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