Pedicure and manicure

Graphic manicure-fashion trend

Manicured hands nowadays is not just a fashionable. Along with the youth and beauty of hands in General, manicure, taken separately, can tell a lot about their beautiful award. For example, According to the degree of grooming one nail and correct selection of colors and patterns on nails, you can judge whether, as far as girl or woman is not simply follows the fashion trends, but still Read more

Why exfoliate nails?

Bundle of nails is an unpleasant problem. It causes a lot of inconvenience: nails cling to clothes, varnish on them lasts not long, cause painful and ugly look. With such a problem faced not only men, but women. But, the question of aesthetics, This is already the second case. Bundle nail plate is also the first Bell, that organism something is missing or Read more

Pedicure "Gentle heels»

Spring offer from TORNADO MG – pedicure "Gentle heels» costs 275 UAH! Medical (hardware) pedicure – It is not only hygienic procedure skincare and nails of the feet, but targeted therapeutic methods, used to address specific health concerns.


Pedicure includes a range of measures to take care of your legs, allowing you to not only make them look neat and well groomed, but also significantly improve their health. Moreover, beautiful and manicured nails – It is a sign of health and prosperity. Nails, as the skin of the human body perform a protective function. Their strength and elasticity – This is a barrier to Read more

manicure in Kherson


Hands is a card of modern man. State of the hands and nails not only speaks about the health status of an individual, but also on its ability to look after themselves. Neat and attractive hands attention, After all, along with human face, they are always on the mind. Rediscover the beauty and perfection of hands helps manicure. To date,, work Read more

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