Hardware massages in TORNADO MEDICAL SPA

Vacuum Massage rolikovыy LDG 30 minutes / 280 USD / Zone device is designed to: increasing the flexibility and elasticity of the skin; stimulation of the circulatory system and the lymphatic drainage: fat; removing edema. Press massage 30-40 minutes / 260 USD

Enjoy massages at the TORNADO MEDICAL SPA

Classic body massage 60 minute /360 UAH Massage is used as a therapeutic and prophylactic agent, helps relieve stress and fatigue, improve overall health, the correct functioning. Full body massage is indicated for high physical and mental stress, recovery from injury. Thanks massage improves blood circulation and oxygen supply, nutrients. Massage helps to eliminate decay products, dross, lipolysis, reduction effects Read more

Functional kinetic massage in TORNADO MG

The modern rhythm of life, speed, stress adversely affects man and put a mark on his health and well-being. Sedentary, a sedentary lifestyle in the workplace, high heels, enjoyed by women, to highlight its appeal, all this often leads to poor blood circulation, poor joint mobility, to edema of the legs and, as a consequence of, to bad health.

Therapeutic body massage will enhance muscular frame and relieve spasm

Very often to restore bodily functions apply therapeutic massage. It has beneficial effects on the treatment of a number of diseases, activates the immune system, strengthens the immune system, toned muscles, helps in rehabilitation after injuries etc.. There are many methods of therapeutic body massage, but only an experienced specialist can tell which one is right for you. However, not all showed this kind of treatment, Read more

Hydro massage

As is well known-frequent water treatments is one of the pledges of health, and water is the basis of life. The healing properties of water can help lift your mood, improve health and give the skin elasticity and resilience, preserving her youth. Unlike past times, When in all probability steambath at best once a week, now in each apartment and in almost every Read more

Treatment of back pain

Back pain is a problem, which, in one way or another, confronted the absolute majority of people. Various forms of back pain caused by various reasons. It can be acquired or congenital diseases, reckless excessive physical exertion, injury. Are aching lower back, So yes, that cannot move normally, what to do?

Osteopathy effective chiropractic

Osteopathy in Tornado MG ranks with manual therapy, but it is much more versatile, but her deeper and comprehensive techniques, as directed at removing the causes of disease, and not just on the correction of spine. Osteopathy aims to help the body "to look into themselves and find the inner resources to normalize its activities. In other words

Facial, which prolongs youth

This famous French face massage beautician Boël Siocco recommends that its clients, including Monica Bellucci and Renata Litvinova. Its good to do every day. That is not at all difficult, because the procedure takes just three minutes.

Cosmetic face massage

Only correct and well-chosen facial skin can maintain the beauty and health of the skin. One of the components of such care can become a cosmetic face massage. Now we'll tell you in detail about this procedure and its characteristics.

Slimming massage

Make your way to a beautiful figure became more effective and enjoyable, complete programme of slimming massage. For those, who wants to lose weight, massage is no substitute for diet or physical activity. But in combination with the massage strengthens their effect. The secret to slimming massage is, that it reduces fat in specific locations and helps to make the Read more


Long massage was considered the classic means of stress management, despondency and bad mood. That is why it is so active offer virtually all SPA salons. The more that, In addition to rest and mental balance, correctly chosen massage technique will help solve a lot of problems with the beauty and health: for example, Remove muscle and headaches, cure bone, beat cellulite, adjust shape Read more

Comprehensive massage strengthens the immune system

Massage treatments significantly improve immunity. In particular, massage can be seen as part of cancer therapy. This is the conclusion reached by researchers from the U.S. Center for Medicine Cedars-Sina. According to researchers, has the greatest effect Swedish massage, improves circulation. During the experiment the volunteers were divided into two groups,.

Back Massage

Under the neck area behind the back massage the neck area primarily meant massage trapezius, Deltoid, rhomboid muscles, as well as the muscles of the neck. Study of the intrinsic muscles (such as the supraspinatus and infraspinatus) depends on the depth desired and massage session time.

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