Balneotherapy and hydrotherapy


Useful properties of natural waters, enriched with minerals, Since ancient times, are used to treat and maintain beauty. So, balneotherapy – treatment, based on mineral waters, — It is used widely today. Here are just some of the diseases, in treatment balneotherapy where it is recommended to use: diseases of the heart and blood vessels; metabolic disorder; hormonal disorders; urological diseases; diseases of the nervous system; violations of the gastrointestinal Read more

Medicinal baths

A course of mineral baths can strengthen the body, help him to cope with any illness or recover from illness. You can not leave from Kherson "swim in the sea", lying in the bath with sea salt. Thanks to the bromine ions contained in it, sodium chloride and iodine, taking this curative bath, You can calm your nerves, forget about the stress, improve sleep. Read more

Balneotherapy and hydrotherapy

The feeling of pleasure for the body, and for the soul! HOT TUB Soak in the tub for a lot of massage, complete harmony, it will give you pleasure. Millions of tiny vortices of air and water, creating the effect of the surf, provide relaxation, recreation, give new powers. As if under the hands of an experienced therapist, body massaged from feet to neck. Newfound balance gives the positive effects Read more

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