– One of the most popular ways to treat cellulite and fight obesity. By the way, the body was known in ancient times: The ancient Greeks and Romans used to restore health Algae, mud wraps, adding to their special healing potions. This procedure is no less popular today, but this is an exceptionally nice way to not only get rid of the notorious orange peel, remove a couple of extra inches at the waist, but also to relieve stress. Wrapping in the Academy Tornado Medikal Group has a beneficial effect on the whole body, and finally, just a pleasure.

Wraps used for prevention and treatment of early stages of Cellulite, reduction of waist and hips, improve skin elasticity at sharp fluctuations of weight, treatment for stretch marks, postpartum recovery, as well as cleansing the body of toxins and impurities.

The essence of the method

Wrapping After a deep Exfoliating skin scrub combined with a slight warming massage. Peeling cleanses the epidermis, opens the pores, and active substance, make up the funds to wrap, more deeply into the skin. After training on problem areas nanosât′sâ special formulations for body wraps. For best results, use thermal blanket. Wrapping lasts 30 to 90 min flushing means and ends in the shower.

Chocolate wrapping is a popular procedure. Chocolate is a rich source of trace elements and vitamins, has unique moisturizing, antioxidant and tonic properties, In addition to, is a great antidepressant, helping the body produce so called hormones of pleasure – endorphins and serotonin. Polyphenols, contained in the cocoa-bang bang, protect the blood vessel wall and cell membrane, counteract deposition of cholesterol on vascular walls and atherosclerosis, normalize blood pressure. Chocolate flavor improves emotional background, relieves stress and fatigue. Anti-cellulite effect is provided by the caffeine content of chocolate, which activates cell metabolism and enhances fat burning process. chocolate body wrap is one of the most pleasant of procedures.

Contraindications for all types of body wraps

  • diseases of the skin
  • gynecological diseases
  • bleeding
  • neoplastic processes
  • cardio-vascular diseases
  • pregnancy
  • allergic reactions to the ingredients used
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