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Recently, the men began to devote more time to yourself, knowing, that on their ability to look good depends on many things - career, business, success with women.

Appearance of modern man – it is his business card and satellite success. Always look perfect to help correct skin care and cosmetics, tailored to the specific needs of male skin.

The man must know, his skin is different from female, and the difference is quite significant: understand, that between the skin there are differences between men and women:

  • Leather men has the smaller size of the sebaceous glands: Despite the common opinion, Sebaceous Gland in men is much less, than women. Their work is closely related to the blood microcirculation, and the absorption of the active ingredients is, basically, It is through these glands. That is why it is necessary to adapt the composition and texture of cosmetic products to this particular male Physiology
  • and more oily: Although, the sebaceous glands less, testosterone (male sex hormone) stimulates their work, in the end, Sebaceous secretion much more, than women. The intensive work of the sebaceous glands is suspended only after 50 years. The women all the way around. Sebaceous glands are more, but estrogen suppresses the secretion of. That's why leather men fatter and in need of special care. She is more prone to inflammation of the sebaceous glands
  • Men's skin is more sensitive and delicate:

Being exposed to irritant factors from outside (pollution, weather changes), leather men, more, than women suffers because of the lack of daily maintenance.

  • Daily shaving – too bad factor. When shaving is not only gidrolipidnaâ mantle, depriving the skin's natural defenses, but there are cuts and redness. As a result,, the skin becomes sensitive, loses moisture, a discomfort and irritation.
  • The skin aging process also occurs in other, than women

Therefore a regular men's skin care, specially adapted in terms of ingredients, and in terms of texture products.

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