Vascular diseases of the skin

One of the most acute problems of aesthetic medicine are Advanced vessels and spider veins, which can be shown, as the face, and the body. Diameter is not damaged, healthy blood vessels around 20 microns then, like extended it to utzelnchivaetsya 100 micron, and even more. As a result, there are "telsaštoktaznnž (Telangiectasia); – teU angio, ectasia (LAT.), denotes extended tip jar.
Reasons for the appearance of teleangaèktazij abound. First of all this genetic predisposition. The primary causes of Telangiectasia are endogenous factors (the internal causes), such as liver disease, lipofibroznaâ dystrophy podkožnožirovoj fiber, violations of venous drainage, blood clotting problems, blood clotting problems, and pregnancy. Small spider veins on the legs can be even very young girls after delivery.
Also enhance displays of Telangiectasia can and external factors. Such as: various surgical procedures, abuse, exposure to the Sun and solarium, exposure of the skin, the use of steroids, hormonal drugs, deep peels the skin.
Telangiectasia in 30-40 % people, but most often affects women, because estrogens have a relaxing effect on the muscles of blood vessels thereby increasing their tendency to increase.
While the impact of actinothermal power on the skin occurs energy absorption by hemoglobin. This leads to adhesion of vascular walls, and they cease to function. The small vessels are removed completely without leaving a trace, while larger hemangiomas and vascular stains pale, significantly decreasing in size. LHE acts strictly on the walls of capillaries, without prejudice and without damaging surrounding skin. The patient during the procedure, virtually no discomfort, a slight redness, after effects of LHE disappear after 15-30 minute.
Advantage LHE coagulation (from the Latin. Coagulatio – collapse, thickening) is, it minimizes the risk of scarring, do not damage the surrounding tissue, significantly reducing healing period.
After coagulation of vascular lesions of the skin are eliminated with the help of a natural process, caused by a body.
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