Solarium: the use of artificial tanning

The healing properties of ultraviolet radiation were opened in the early twentieth century.. In hundreds of experiments, scientists have proven, that UV increases tone Sympatico adrenaline system, increases the level of nonspecific immunity, activates defense mechanisms, increases the secretion of certain hormones, under his influence changes protein metabolism. Sunlight has a beneficial effect on the okologlaznye muscles, stimulating the Rainbow shell and eye nerves and increasing blood circulation. Impact of ultraviolet radiation on the skin (subject to the presence of natural fat film) is one of the ways to get vitamin D, who participates in the formation of bone tissue. But, the value of the sunlight in the acquisition of the organism of this vitamin is somewhat exaggerated. The most important sources of vitamin D are dairy products, even without the daily Sun will not be able to compensate for his lack of.

Prolonged lack of ultraviolet radiation carries the adverse effects on our body: violation of mineral metabolism, decreased immunity, fatigue, etc..

Recommendations on tanning

  • Of course, overly fascinated with the solarium not worth, but there are situations in life, When you want to look your best (wedding, for example), and in the absence of force season features Tan, thrice 10 minute access to the solarium will not cause any harm to the skin. But it should comply with certain rules.
  • On the head dress or Cap scarf, not to overdry the hair;
  • Be sure to protect your eyes dark glasses (they are usually issued in beauty salons);
  • Contact lenses before a visit to the solarium better withdraw;
  • The skin is worth the cause special remedy for sunburn in a solarium;
  • Be sure to protect the nipple stickers (pasties) or wear a bra;
  • Remove makeup, do not sunbathe decorations;
  • Before a solarium do not use perfume means;

After tanning relax and apply skin moisturizer.

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