The Sun came. When the Sun each, and not the enemy.

Terrace, parks and outdoor veranda restaurants filled with beautiful people. Many of them were trained hardware and injectables correction in autumn and winter. And many continue to lead its strategic plan in response to beauty and solar time

In the spring and summer, we, of course, carry out traumatic procedures, but with a very individual approach. Traumatic procedures are divided into hardware and injection. The hardware includes laser techniques, on which I will elaborate:

  • Fraxel in the unit "Fraksel′". It would seem, delicate procedure, but when a small propensity to pigmentation should treat it very carefully, because of the high risk of postvospalitel′noj pigmentation. So I am very differently to the selection of patients, carefully collect anamnesis and in March have this procedure very carefully. If you want to perform this procedure in the area of the body, then spend it in March-April, in rare cases in may, strictly according to, any effects not observed.
  • CO2 laser. The procedure very carefully, in March, try not to appoint anyone to, only in exceptional cases, in the area of the body.
  • Vbeam Apparatus (Perfecta Candela-PRIM. Ed.). It would seem, technique of soft enough, but still there is a high risk of pigmentation, gently treat the choice of patients and the selection of the parameters.

Always appoint patients creams, composed of SPF factors. Sorry, We have restrictions on the use of hydroquinone, This drug is prohibited, so we can't well prepare patients for laser techniques, and the appointment of the only medications with factors not protection helps to cope with pigmentation. In this regard, countries, where permitted by hydroquinone, the appearance of pigmentation is a rare phenomenon. They have the ability to well prepared patients for procedures.

Peels spend differentiated, by indications. Peeling based on Retinol and trichloroacetic acid does not use, glycolic light peels can hardly be called traumatic, so I spend, but appoint patients creams with SPF factor. Contraindications for injection no spring, There is no summer.

I love pharmacy rulers-Bioderma, La Roche-Posay, Avène. Bioderma love most, as it is well represented by SPF factors, and you can choose a product for both dry, and for oily skin for all tastes-and in the form of cream, and in the form of emulsion.

Now very common bb creams, find them very comfortable in spring and summer, When you don't want to overload your skin. For myself I use cream Natura Bisse, line Diamond White SPF 50 -comfortable with light cream tint effect, that Nice moisturizes the skin.

I'm at the clinic in the summer use virtually all of the traumatic and little traumatic procedures. Of course, CO2 laser is not particularly popular in July-August, but there is a group of patients, who are actively working, and summer is the only time, When they can exercise.

In my clinic presented apparatus company Cynosure, I'm trying to get maximum results on them. For example, There are apparatus ELITE MPX combines two lasers (Alexandrite and ND) and IPL system-I really love this laser rejuvenation in summer. With pigmentation, I actively do at fraksele, It is quite possible to cope and ELITE MPX: Alexandrite gently removes pigmentation, Depending on, What settings to put, a neodymium is a good soft rejuvenation format, does not require rehabilitation and giving effect.

I do also neodinovoe summer rejuvenation, weekend procedure, without rehabilitation and adverse effects.

I have at the clinic appeared new, best laser in the world-Picosure. But there are nuances of work for preparation, appoint procedure after two-three weeks or two weeks for the active sun exposure and recommend sanbloki. The result is cool, for four months the pigmentation leaves, new not yet recorded.

Fraksel′ summer also quit. Somehow Matteo Klementoni, When reading the report about CO2 lasers, said, what he is doing and CO2, and Fraksel′ in summer. And I remembered the phrase, that all these machines u.s., and all Miami forced Frakselâmi… and carry out these procedures they all year. A question of culture using sanbloka ...

But whatever procedure I did not, sanbloki I still recommend.

I love Obagi ®, especially in winter after Frakselâ, After CO2-abrasives. First appoint patients SPF 50, then translate the SPF 30. If active procedures were not carried out-I SPF 30.

Use also sanbloki lâmèks-they have a good sunscreen. It's important, that was not the cream mask, has been adapted to the hydrating cream. lâmèks quite worthy, available in the form of a spray, You can apply makeup on top.

The injections do year-round, seasonal restrictions no. Try not to prescribe their patients the day before departure, on the Sun, If you do-I recommend to always use sanblok, to avoid pigmentation.

CO2-laser work already 2,5 year, and this is the first spring-summer period, When we use it, picked up protocols with minimal damage and a good rehabilitation.

About cosmetics, you assign after traumatic procedures, then now hold guaranteed whitening Ultraceuticals-retinolovaâ mask with activators and serum.

Cosmetics NIMUE appoint people with pigmentation, alternating day and night cream. We get very good results, without affecting other aggressive procedures.

If patients are on such care, then I see no reason to deny summer in aggressive procedures. How did people live in Brazil or Israel? They also make such procedures.

Of course, Laser blepharoplasty does not do, adhere to very strict protocols, the latter procedure was taken two weeks ago, no longer plan to, will continue in mid-September.

If we consider Co2 protocols, It is a low power, from 10-15, pulse duration 300, size between the points 1000, single stack on smart pals, dekapals do not use this Protocol. At the output we get soft healing, a slight redness and uneven skin surface by palpation, which take place just a few days, get the effect of fresh faces, narrowing of pores. This same protocol use with dermal pigmentation.

Spend "patients-standouts» ultrasonic cleaning, Atraumatic cleaning (without the use of tools with retinol), azelaic peeling, all injectable procedures, laser hair removal and vascular laser epilation on face (in the absence of a propensity for pigmentation).

Favorite sanblok-SkinCeuticals by skin type, It lies evenly with no white streaks, the texture is nice, like the patients themselves, and there is protection from UVA-, and UVB-rays (not only the SPF, but PPD).

I also sanblok La Roche-Posay (the same holding L'Oreal, the texture is similar, the volume of more), If you see, the patient will be better followed by means, than to the medium, bought at the clinic.

In practice, there was one case of local hyperpigmentation in the middle third of the face after biorevitalization, the procedure was done two weeks before exposure to the Sun. A patient admitted, that fell asleep on the beach at two o'clock and, Naturally, nothing is used, lying under the open Sun.

Do I fototravmatičnye procedures are not in season?

Do, at your own risk. Although clearly understand and know, that cannot be. As they say, who does not risk…

Why I do it? So it turns out, I have constant patients, who come from distant parts of Russia, including North. Such people often leave falls in summer. Of course, not all northern people I do laser resurfacing, only if there are indications. Another category of patients on such procedures is the teens with postacne. It is very important for them to fly look good. And if you do not remove deep gum disease, at least reduce pigmentation after acne.

What I'm doing procedures: neablâtivnyj Fraxel, extremely rare ablâtivnyj FF, use the pulse dye laser for postacne, Rosacea, removal of vascular facial nets, ablâtivnyj radiowave lifting, photo epilation.

Fotozaŝitnye creams have exclusively pharmacy, with the filter not less 50+, La Roche-Posay, Vichy, Bioderma, Avène, Uriage, ADERMA. Apply them to every 2-3 hours, If a person is on the street. And best of all summer.

As a rule, my patients obedient, and after laser abrasives are home for two weeks.

I don't take on spring/summer polishing patients, which have the slightest manifestation of Melasma., Lentigo. And, as a rule, summer with us there is no sunny constantly.

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