How many Botox units needed specifically for you?

Clients often ask, and how many Botox units I may need?

The answer to this question can be obtained from the consultation + in the dynamics of the inspection through the 2 weeks.

Consider the most common zone frown lines (or nose).

To consult the physician determines, which of the 5-basic types of buildings frown linespresent from you. Depending on the selected point injection and quantities-from 3-4 to 7-8.

If you are a man or you have the same expressed and strong muscles, as the man, You may need more units of BOTOX at each point, than average doses for girls with nevyražennymi facial muscles. With age the number of Botox units must decrease, to avoid undesirable consequences, because you need to consider lowering the tone of the skin and muscles.

  1. The most common type of building is frown lines U-type – 5 classic points for Botox injections, dose 12-20 units of BOTOX depending on the strength of the muscles and age:22U 22 contraction pattern Сколько единиц Ботокса нужно именно Вам?
  2. Second in frequency of occurrence is V-type, characteristic of strong and long muscles, coalescing eyebrows. In this case, you must 7 injection points, the total dose 16-20 units of BOTOX depending on age:22V 22 contraction pattern Сколько единиц Ботокса нужно именно Вам?
  3. Most "low-budget" type of building-on frown lines Type "cross-arrows" – would require the introduction of BOTOX only 4 point in the dose of 10 to 20 units depending on the strength of the muscles and age:22Converging Arrows 22 contraction pattern Сколько единиц Ботокса нужно именно Вам?
  4. Between eyebrows on "Omega" type -is less common, for muscle relaxation required 12-20 units of BOTOX 6 points:22Omega 22 contraction pattern Сколько единиц Ботокса нужно именно Вам?
  5. The most unusual building frown lines is "Inverse" Omega "! You will need to 14-20 units of BOTOX 7 points:22Inverted Omega 22 contraction pattern Сколько единиц Ботокса нужно именно Вам?

As you can see from this classification of muscles frown lines is important not only to the number of units of BOTOX, but properly selected point injection. If doing Botox injections in a patient with Inverse "Omega" on the classical scheme, even entering a large dose of BOTOX and correcting it several times, not achieved good effect, because you need to consider the anatomical features of the structure of muscles frown lines!

From brutal men need to increase the dose in 2-3 times to achieve the desired effect.

Still there are individual sensitivity to Botox-she may be high, high and low. With a high sensitivity to Botox enough introduction of small doses for a full relaxation facial muscles. Low sensitivity to u need, respectively, high doses of.

It is always easier to add Botox At correction through 2 weeks, than recover after overdose. Therefore, the first procedure we have at the clinic decided to impose an average dose, and through 2 week to invite the patient to be examined with the possible addition of a small dose of the drug.

But not all so simple! Dose may vary depending on the internal state of the organism's Wednesday test, at the time of the introduction of BOTOX. So, for example, taking some drugs reduces sensitivity to Botox, and the use of other drugs-vice versa, increases sensitivity to Botox.

Therefore, to accurately determine your dose "Botox can only in Dynamics- 2 weeks,When it becomes clear, what you have sensitivity to resistance at the time of the procedure is high, medium or low.

Selection of doses of Botox is a creative and intuitive process, based on the large experience of its application, knowledge of Anatomy and Physiology processes, taking place in the complex human organism.

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