Scars and scars – How to handle them

From the appearance of scars and scar tissue, unfortunately, No one is safe. They can cause serious injury, regular cuts. Skin defects after Burns, plastic surgery, Cesarean. Even Mole removal, or rough shave leaves small scars. Of course, external scars and scarring do not cause health problems. But the scars are only men. Women with scars and scars are psychological discomfort, feeling weak. To cope with this problem will help qualified specialists in Tornado MG.

Types of scars

Keloid scars and scars to the touch rough. Cause a painful sensation, itch, easily damaged. The reason their appearance – especially subcutaneous processes. In case of damage of Keloids on their site sometimes sores. Sometimes Keloids extend beyond the initial scarring. They are constantly changing in size. Fight them hard, because many methods may provoke further proliferation. Therefore, treatment of keloid scarring can pick up only a qualified physician.

Atrophic scars and scarring is sinking down defects, located below the surface of the skin. Most often they manifest after careless squeezing pimples, After furunculosis and chickenpox. As a result of skin stretching.

Normotrofičeskie scars and scars look flat, not towering above the skin. They can be stretched, thin and wide. Their color and elasticity are close to normal skin.

Hypertrophic scars and scars are raised, Towering above the skin surface. The causes of their formation – excessive collagen production. In appearance they resemble a dermal rollers, While very different in height and width.

Treatment of scars

Treatment depends on the type of scars and scar tissue, their age, features of the skin. In modern medicine, there are many ways to remove scars. It is best to deal with scars under the age 6 months. In the more ancient scars are effective laser, grinding, cryotherapy. And, unfortunately, in this case fully cope with the scars hard.



Plastic helps get rid of scars and scars of large sizes, After serious injuries and surgery. As a rule, It is then, When other methods are ineffective. Surgical treatment of scarring without deformation of the soft tissue is the excision of scar or scar, highlighting the edges of healthy skin and intradermal cosmetic sutures. If the scars occupy a large area of skin, come to the aid of technology autodermoplasty. In this case, the flap of skin taken from closed areas of the body and carry in the defeat.

Contraindications of plastic skin: blood diseases, light, Heart, mental health disorders. Complex cosmetic operation under general anesthesia, at small operations it is possible local anesthesia. Plastic skin – This is essentially a replacement of a scar on the other, but unobtrusive.


In the treatment of scars practiced method cryodestruction, using liquid nitrogen low temperature. On the surface of the skin are warm tip, and then produce its cooling to -40 -80° C. Because of the damage the nerve endings of pain does not occur. But after a while there may be tingling, burning.

Fabric in place of treatment becomes dull and insensitive, then a swelling. In its place a bubble is formed within 24 hours, liquid filled. The complete exclusion of dead tissue occurs within weeks. Complete healing – for 3-6 months, new fabric that has all the options for healthy skin. But after treatment with nitrogen skin on time is increased sensitivity to the Sun and requires protection. Contraindications to cryodestruction: pregnancy, skin diseases, acute infectious condition. Not suitable for dark-skinned people cryotherapy – There is the risk of pigmentation.

Apply and kriodermabraziû. It is prescribed for hypertrophic and atrophic skin changes, scars after acne. The method is as follows: skin area is divided into segments and daily exposes layered cryodestruction. Lasts a few minutes. The treatment is repeated until the complete alignment of the scar or scars.

Medical therapy

Scar treatment possible and using drug therapy, namely: interferonoterapii and injection of hormonal preparations. But such treatment is not suitable for everyone and requires high professionalism of doctors. It is important to choose injection technique, its depth and concentration of drugs. There is a risk of side effects, especially in the case of the use of hormonal drugs.

Laser resurfacing

It is best suited for getting rid of scar normotrofičeskih. Laser beam vaporizes the connective tissue, of which SCAR and is. Apply laser and atrophic scars: they first grind the laser, then fill the special gels or collagen, to align with the surface of the skin.

Laser resurfacing – This is a surgical procedure. After 2-week session would require rehabilitation. When the skin surface moves, You may want to process the depigmentation – If the scar is very different from the color of the surrounding skin. Laser treatment is individual. Average 4-6 procedures with 6-9 a weekly interval. Patients after the procedure of special care prescribers using dermatological cosmetics. Laser plastic almost has no contraindications, a quick and painless.

External treatment

Medicine external treatment scars a little. They are rarely found in pharmacies. As a rule, are expensive. Treatment of similar drugs for a long, suitable mainly for young scars (to 6 months). For this purpose use: gidrokortizonovye ointment (apply only under medical supervision! ); silicone gel sheets for treatment of keloid and hypertrophic scarring; Silicone adhesive bandages.

He coped with scars and scars, any woman will feel tremendous psychological relief. It is important to find your the only correct method, After consulting with a physician clinics Tornado!

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