Chocolate Wrap

Just imagine for a second, that favorite goodies million women-chocolate-you can not only recover, but the benefit for the shape. can have a beneficial impact on our entire body, giving a seductive form body, lifting our mood, toning and rejuvenating skin.

  • Are you tired and would like to rejuvenate, get rid of pent-up stress?
  • Want to give skin smoothness, tenderness and elasticity?
  • Aim to have a slender shape and get rid of cellulite?


Chocolate body wrap will allow you to do this at the same time!

Chocolate wrapping is very relaxing procedure, which has a positive effect on psycho-emotional condition, improves skin condition, as well as to get rid of cellulite.

Chocolate Spa has body detoxification, anti-cellulite, cleansing, tonic, lipolytic and lifting effect.

Value and the difference between this procedure from the rest in that, that it combines cosmetic, aromaterapevtičekoe and psychotherapeutic effects.

As a result,:

  • improves skin elasticity, it becomes more supple and taut;
  • stimulates metabolism, splitting of adipose tissue;
  • the body is purified, toxins;
  • displayed extra fluid from the tissues, eliminates puffiness;
  • amplified mikrocirkulâcionnye processes, improves tissue nutrition;
  • evens skin relief, reduces the appearance of cellulite;
  • reduced body weight, decreasing its volumes;
  • normalizes sleep, petulance;
  • mood improves, the body is saturated with energy and vivacity.
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