VIDEO: Secrets of the use of botulinum toxin

Working with patients over 40 years, always increases the risk of complications PTOSIS. To, to make it easier for doctors to practice, we provide an overview of the report of the surgeon of the highest category BOROD′KO Alexander Vasilevich, that truly is considered the authoritative expert in the use of botulinum toxin.

Brow PTOSIS is the offset of the skin and subcutaneous tissue eyebrows down, toward the bottom of the century. One of the causes of eyebrow PTOSIS may be illiterate use of drugs on the basis of botulinum toxin. Prior to the correction must be very carefully consult the patient and determine safe injection zone. To do this, hold the markup of the forehead and apply a horizontal line through the frontal region, clearly separates the forehead on two floors: upper and lower. This conditional line, clearly separates the forehead horizontally in half, should be taken into account when performing blockade forehead lateral internal kantusa.

"Disport" is most effective when intradermal′nom application

Performing an intramuscular injection "Dysport" can be pursued only at the level of the internal kantusa, and per centimetre of lateral, below the line, dividing the forehead exactly in half, It is strictly forbidden to. "Disport" is effective when intradermal′nom its application to frontal muscle, and on the tails of korrugatorov, because the drug has a pronounced ability to diffusion. Intramuscular same maintenance "Dysport" for, for example, blockade of korrugatorov tailings is invalid, because such an application of the drug occurs PTOSIS. "Disport" diffuses the muscle, the upper eyelid.

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