Vnutriglazničnoj the role of adipose tissue in the processes of aging face

Adipose tissue performs many important functions in the human body, the most important of which are protective and energy. The body is designed in such a way, that fat can be found not only on the stomach or thighs, and in and around the abdominal organs, and even in the area of the eye. plays an important role in maintaining the situation of the eyeball in the orbit, but this fabric, like many other, aging process, While playing a role in the onset of age-related changes of the person.

Vnutriglazničnaâ fat tissue and its role in the processes of aging

Young people have the outer faces of the Cantus is located at a few millimeters above the internal, When the eye slit has the form mindalevidnuû. In maintaining the normal position of the eyeball in the eye plays a major role supporting the copula, and, to a lesser extent, vnutriglazničnaâ fat, which occupies almost the entire back half of the orbital cavity, and anteriorly located in between the holes orbit chinked and eye. It is through these spaces vnutriglazničnaâ fat tissue extends to the anterior septum fascial′noj.

Vnutriglazničnaâ fat:

  • anatomical location vnutriglazničnoj fat;
  • age-related changes of vnutriglazničnoj adipose tissue;
  • the role of adipose tissue in the occurrence of vnutriglazničnoj ènoftal′ma.

Anatomical location vnutriglazničnoj fat

In terms of aesthetic surgery is the greatest value in front of the orbit five divisions delineated areas from each other pockets, that contain the fatty tissue. Two of them are under the upper eyelid, and three-under the lower:

  • upper oblique muscle divides the vnutriglazničnuû fatty tissue on the outer and inner pockets, While the outer stretches to lacrimal gland, wrapping her;
  • lower oblique muscle divides the fatty tissue in the bottom of the orbit to the Central and inner pockets;
  • outer pocket delimit fascial′noj partition, which continues to supports bundle from the bottom straight muscle.

Age-related changes of vnutriglazničnoj adipose tissue

Age-related changes of vnutriglazničnoj adipose tissue are manifested in the formation of its vypâčivanij, the so-called fat hernias. With orbital septum fascial age weakens, becomes thinner and gradually stretched, that leads to a shift of fat tissue in the anterior divisions of the orbit. It is now considered, that omission of the eyeball with decreasing distance between it and the bottom of the orbit is the reason for the bias of the skin, circular muscles and orbital adipose tissue forward with stretching the orbital septum. In most cases, the primary cause of fat hernias education is the relaxation of the ligaments supporting the eyeball with vypâčivaniem fat forward.

The role of adipose tissue in the occurrence of vnutriglazničnoj ènoftal′ma

The important role of the offset adipose tissue plays in causing ènoftal′ma-deep location eyeball in the orbit. Offset vnutriglazničnogo fat entails a corresponding offset eyeball down and back, that underlies ènoftal′ma education. An important role in its occurrence factors, as:

  • age or genetically inherent omission of eyeball;
  • the presence of fat hernias with redistribution in front divisions of orbital fatty tissue;
  • excessive removal of adipose tissue;
  • excessive coagulation fat vnutriglazničnogo;
  • resorption of the orbital fat, occurs with age.

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