Lipofilinge revolution

– This unique method of correction of the defects of the face and body, rejuvenation and creating new paths by using the patient's own body fat injection.
Lipofilling is used to fill wrinkles, nasolabial folds, increase lip volume, cheekbones and Chin, the curvature smoothing drumsticks, increase breast and buttocks, can also be used to fill the design of cicatricial plots any part of the body.

Exclusive lipofilinga PROLIPOSTEM method of PROMOITALIA:

  • Enriched with lipofilling.
  • Nefermentativnoe extraction of stem cells from adipose tissue
  • Stem cell activation
  • Extraction and implantation of vascular-stromal cells

Lipofilling from Promoitalaia has many advantages:

  • High safety. As adipose tissue, and its introduction was postponed patient quite easily and rarely causes complications.
  • Absence of allergic reactions. Fabric "own production" excludes immune conflict and rejection reactions.
  • Intervention is performed under local anesthesia or short-term intravenous anesthesia, to reduce negative effects on the organism of general anesthesia.
  • The procedure itself is running fast enough (from 30 minutes before 2 hours) and is ambulatory nature, that comfortable for the patient.


  • A variety of cosmetic facial defects of character: a weak definition of cheekbones and Chin, zapadanie cheeks, the excessive severity of the tear of furrows, thin lips, deep wrinkles.
  • When a small volume of mammary glands or their defects can be executed lipofilling
  • Wrinkles on brushes, creating a visual sensation of aging.
  • Unaesthetic in the shape of buttocks, their deletion or small volume produced fat buttocks.
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